Why Do Men Want to Be Cuckolds?

Why Do Men Want to Be Cuckolds?

It used to be that a man who was cuckolded (or a “cuck”) was looked down upon as a fool. His wife would sleep with other men, but she would refuse to sleep with him. It was assumed that he was weak and less manly than other men. It was also assumed that he had a small penis and could not satisfy his wife sexually.

Now, however, cuckoldry has become a sexual lifestyle for many couples. The connotation behind “cuck” is still slightly negative, but for most who participate in this type of sexual gratification, it is no longer done behind the husband’s or partner’s back. Instead, the cuck now participates, watching his wife or partner (the “hot wife”) sleep with other men. Sometimes he watches from a voyeuristic standpoint and even video tapes her sleeping with the other men. Other times he might even join in, in a type of threesome situation. This is where the subordination part of being a cuck comes into play – the man is only allowed to have sex with his wife or girlfriend if she says he can. This is because the cuckoldress is ultimately the one in charge and can say whether or not her cuck gets to sleep with her.

So why do men want to be cuckolds? Many men are aroused by the thought that their wives or girlfriends can be sexually satisfied by other men. They see this as a challenge – that if their cuckoldress can be satisfied better by someone else, they need to rise to the occasion and try to be better than the new partner. Some men also like the voyeuristic quality of cuckoldry and are aroused by watching their girlfriend have sex with someone else. Lots of men who participate in this lifestyle also like the domination aspect. They like to feel subordinate. They like that their hot wife is a dominating partner who is sexually demanding. Some even say there is a deep biological reason men like to be cuckolded – men have the need to sleep with their partner after she has slept with someone else because of the subconscious desire to have their sperm compete with another man’s.

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