When I Eat Salt, My Ear Swells!

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When I Eat Salt, My Ear Swells!

Have you started to notice a connection with salt and your ears itching when you consume it? You really aren’t going crazy! This happens more often than you may think. There are known causes but it can be a scary thing if you don’t know that it does happen to other people.

When you eat salt, your blood pressure increases within the major arteries. This, in turn, REDUCES the blood flow to your eyes, ears and brain. The itchy “symptom” in your ears may well be caused from this reduction of blood flow. It’s not a major thing to worry about but you should take caution and not consume too much salt. You may have a stronger reaction to sodium than others do. Obviously, reducing your salt intake will help with the itchiness.

Do you enjoy fast food, snacks and processed foods to the point that they are part of your daily intake? Remember, these foods have VERY high sodium amounts. You may triple the recommended daily amount of salt you are taking in by eating one of these foods. Try to limit yourself to fast food once or twice a week. If you find yourself absolutely “needing” those chips, buy the low salt or no salt kind.

Speaking of sensitivities, many people have adverse reactions when they consume any food with salicylates. If you are sensitive to this additive, your ears may itch from the accumulation of the salicylates in your body. Research the foods you eat to see if this is an additive in one or many of those foods. Simply eliminating the food item(s) may help significantly.

Food additives, in general, can trigger itching as well as ringing in the ears. The medical name is “Tinnitus”. This refers to the sensation of sound in the ears, like ringing or hissing. It’s a curable problem but has been known to be very irritating and annoying. Luckily, it doesn’t have to last forever!

There are some natural, herbal remedies to help rid you of your itching. Ginkgo Biloba, Black Cohosh, or both of them together, have been known to help with itching as well as help with Tinnitus.

You don’t have to suffer with ear problems. Take it upon yourself to research different ways to alleviate your symptoms naturally. It’s easier to handle it that way than to just cover up the symptoms with various medications. You’ll be better off in the long run and you’ll be making your body stronger!

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