Vibrational Healing-How Water, Sea Salts, and Colloidal Silver Can Heal Most Anything, Part Four

Vibrational Healing-How Water, Sea Salts, and Colloidal Silver Can Heal Most Anything, Part Four

The origin and design of the physical body is made on simple events. Integrating these simple events has produced an integrated physical body with the foundation of its simplicity is based on water. Water is what it needs. The elements, minerals are what it needs. We have given it until now all the elements of food, this diet or that diet, but we have been free from ever focusing on water and sea or cell salts. Use water and salt as the primary nutrients. They say that oxygen is the most important element of the physical body. It is water that is for if water was free from being around, oxygen would dissolve into what? And how would it act? It is water that allows it to dissolve and carries it through the infinite spaces it resonates, including the spiritual soul being and the physical body. Water is one of the sources of all that is. Spirit invites us to utilize our intuition (intuition meaning being in tuned to) to be in tuned to and with the physical body; to listen to what it is inviting us to drink in the amount of water and to ingest in the way of sea or cell salts. That these recommendations of amounts are just earth dimensional numbers that we utilize here to measure, but that intuitively our inner spiritual soul being has an inner wisdom of what the physical body needs and is asking for. So spirit invites us to be in tuned with it and listen to what the physical body needs and is asking for and then gift it within Infinite gratitude for the gift that it provides us, thus, completing the infinite circle.

One of the infinite ways to energize the water we drink is if we have a crystal bowl or know of someone who does or a way of utilizing one, we can utilize the crystal bowl to take regular tap water or bottled water and energize it with the properties of the crystal bowl. Simply take the water (either with or without the cell or sea salts in the water), place it in the crystal bowl, and then play the bowl crystal with the water in it. This will energize the water and provide electrically energized oxygenated water, that when drinking will hydrate and stimulate the immune system energetically.

Another of the infinite possibilities is to simply hold the water within a cup or a container and simply bless the water in Infinite gratitude for its loving nourishing essence that it gifts us. As Dr. Emoto shows us within the book “The Hidden Messages in the Water”, which confirmed for me what Spirit has imparted the wisdom of is that the thoughtenergy we place within the water we drink will create the experience we will embody within us. When I stumbled upon his book several years ago which was confirmation to me that what spirit requested of me within the gifting of blessings in the water that I drink was indeed now scientifically proven.

Thus, if our thoughtenergy is of this water is dirty or it has chlorine in it and I cannot drinking it or water tastes bad or has no taste, I hate water etc. then this is what will be so in our experience. Thus, holding the water and being in the thoughtenergy of gifting this water with absoulute love (spirit’s word for soulful love, absoulute love) and infinite gratitude for its loving nourishing essence that it gifts by blessing it in whatever way we so choose, loving it and thanking it for it’s nourishment, that anything and everything we need is right there within this glass of water, then its blessings to us will be what we call here on this earth dimension as miraculous.

If we say in our thoughtenergy blessing to the water in gratitude, thanking the water for the nourishment and cleansing that it is providing us, along with a request that the water provide us with all that the physical body is requesting in this moment, every vitamin, mineral, every energetic way of this water providing us with the harmonious synchronicity that the physical body and all of its’ systems use to function, that this will spiritually electrically energize the water and provide the physical body with everything it so utilizes to function. We are invited to utilize out thoughtenergy to think our blessing (or prayer or intention) rather than speaking it.

We may speak these words of blessing if we so choose, however if we are in our thoughtenergy thinking something else other than what we are saying, then whatever it is that we are thinking will manifest in the water rather than that of what we physically speaking, as we are telepathic thoughtenergy spiritual soul beings that have chosen to be speaking beings.

Flushing Out of the Physical Body’s Remnants

Within the eating and drinking of foods and substances other than water continuously, then one is within what we call here on this earth dimension as an acidic state. This acidic state is what results from being free from drinking water continuously. This then produces physical body remnants of the food and drink other than water to be stored within all systems and organs. The result of this can be what is known on this earth dimension as the names of liver, kidney, gallbladder, and intestinal disease on the physical. I know this all to well, as I wrote earlier, having had the physical body’s gallbladder removed in September 2005.

I discovered out about the gallstones I had developed when having an ultrasound for kidney stones. Subsequently, I went on an eight dimensional year journey through which I dissolved and flushed out all but one gallstone. The one that was considered by conventional medicine as too big, as it was the same size as the gallbladder itself. As it was attempting to dislodge itself from the gallbladder into the liver, it became stuck causing the gallbladder to become inflamed to the point of almost bursting, thus I chose to have it removed. The cycle had run its full course and physically and spiritually I was in spiritual oneness alignment.

During that surgery however, is when I experienced yet another of the many NTHE’s (Near Transitional Home Experiences) that I have chosen within this life experience. As the physical body in its state of perceived pain and disease such as it was, I was acidic in that moment, thus as I eluded to before, when the conventional medicine doctors made their initial incision, they cut into an artery, which is when the physical body bled to death and I experienced the NTHE. Needless to say, according to the surgeon the physical body of which my soul resides within in now has the physical scar of what is known as the “special 5th stitch”, as there are only supposed to be four during this procedure.

There are many messages that are written here within these spiritual treasure gifts that were given to me that day. One of which is something that I would like to tell you that you may be unaware of. Within the physical body, the gallbladder and liver collaborate in synchronicity together simultaneously to assist in the flushing out of the remnants of food and drink, with the pancreas continuing the process and then into your intestines and kidneys and flushing out the body. When the gallbladder is functioning with gallstones within it, or if the gallbladder is removed, or is physically impaired in its function in anyway, the liver then is doing double duty providing the collaborative balance of two organs. Thus, any perceived stress in our lives, any perceived toxins (or remnants) within the body that are free from being flushed out, are then being stored up and possibly backing up the liver, pancreas, and the intestines and the kidneys creating an acidic environment within the physical body.

What happens if we are free from replacing the water fluid within the body each earth dimensional day? The physical body will seek out the replacement fluids from the undigested remnants sitting in the intestines and kidneys, waiting to be eliminated. The effect that this has on the physical body is as water is withdrawn from this fecal matter and urine that this results in constipation from the stool becoming harder as a result of the water being absorbed elsewhere in the body from that fecal matter. When a soul is free from drinking water and/or drinks only caffeinated or alcoholic drinks that take water out of the body this creates a water shortage in the body and it will create hunger in order to get the water from the food. The body will then retain water to dilute these remnant substances which results in bloating and weight gain.

This is the reason why in severe dehydration we develop an edema and retain water. The physical body brain sends signals to increase in salt and water retention by the kidneys. Initially, the process of water filtration and delivery into the cells occurs at night when the physical body is horizontal. The collected water that collects in the legs is free from balancing the illusionary sense of gravity to get onto the blood circulation. If reliance of this process of emergency hydration of some cells is continuous, the lungs begin to get waterlogged at night, and the physical ability to breathe while the body is in its sleep state. It is then that the soul ends up using an abundance of pillows to sit upright to sleep.

This condition is the consequence of dehydration. This is how what the conventional medicine’s name of edema occurs when we are free from drinking the amount of water the physical body is asking of us to drink. I know of this, as I too was doing this for many years. I still sleep with an abundance of pillows it is now for comfort rather than from being unable to physically breathe at night. Because the water from the undigested remnants from both the urine and the fecal matter is those remnants recycled, when it is recirculated throughout the physical body, it will increase the remnants stored in the body. This can lead to tiredness, lethargy, and the physical body will be vulnerable to physical infection.

In our bodies, the kidneys mop up excess remnants in the physical body from the food we eat, drink we ingest etc. These are called hydrogen ions–which cause acidity–from the blood and excrete them through the urine that is formed. The more urine that is produced, the easier it is for the physical body to be alkaline. This is why clear urine is an indicator of internal cleasing, and dark yellow or orange urine is sign of accumulations of remnants in the physical body. Souls who consider having to pass urine more than two or three times a day as a bother and are free from drinking water simply so they are free from going to the bathroom all the time are chronically dehydrating their physical body’s. The brain is protected from buildup of acid by an adequate flushing of the cells with water continuously. The rest of the body may be free from this when chronic dehydration occurs over an extended period of earth dimensional time. With persistent dehydration the brain also can become damaged from the acidic cell environment. This is why we see diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Lupus (which conventional medicine diagnosed the physical body my soul resides in with) and Parkinson’s disease. It is chronic dehydration which causes and acidic environment which in turn causes the irritations of pain within these diseases.

When the blood of the physical body contains an ample amount of water, it then circulates around the cells of the body, and some of this water goes into the cells and brings out hydrogen molecule remanants within our elmination systems. Water flushes the acidity out of the cell and makes the cell interior alkaline–an absolutely essential and natural spiritual and physical resonance. For infinite radiat physical well being, the physical body invites us to maintain an alkaline resonance–pH 7.4 is the desired resonance. Why 7.4, and what is pH? The relationship within acid and alkaline two essences being as One, is scientifically measured on a resonance scale of 1 to 14. This scale is known as pH. From 1 to 7 on this scale is the acid range, 1 being more acid than 7. From 7 to 14 on the scale is the alkaline range; 7 is less alkaline than 14. On the pH scale, 7 is neutral, meaning a natural resonance. Thus, pH 7.4 of the physical body and its cells is indictative of its natural, slightly alkaline state. Adequate flow of water in and out of the physical body and its cells maintains the physical health within an alkaline resonance.

This too, is also why we exhibit what conventional medicine doctors call as high blood pressure. High blood pressure is the result of this same dehydration process within the physical body described with edema. Some souls will ask me if in taking the sea salts or the cell salts will this cause the blood pressure to rise, after all it is salt they say, and salt is ‘bad for you’ right? Where what we call as high blood pressure, edema, and so on comes from is from a depletion of a balance of all salts, minerals, and water within the physical body. That when the physical body experiences high blood pressure it is as the result of what is called here on this earth dimension as an overabundance of one salt in particular sodium chloride (or table salt as some call it) and a depletion of a balance of all of the other salts, minerals, and water within the physical body. When one chooses to ingest the cell or sea salts with the adequate amount of water per earth dimensional day relative to the physical body’s weight (half of it) and then also double the water for every 8 ozs. of food or drink other than water ingested, one’s mineral and salt content is then in harmonious balance, and therefore, the blood pressure returns to its natural state of well being resonance.

I know that this has occurred for me since I have been utilizing this way of being, as when convention medicine diagnosed the physical body my soul resides in with the Lupus and it was, according to their estimation was ‘attacking the heart’, that the physical body my soul resides in blood pressure was what they call ‘dangerously high’ at 190/110 and some moment higher. Once I continuously enacted this water and sea or cell salt balancing, the blood pressure has returned to its natural state of well being resonance effortlessly. Additionally, I have also noticed that without even attempting to as in what we call here on this earth dimension as ‘going on a diet’ (as the word diet means that part of our soul ‘dies’ when we deny ourselves what it is we want rather than simply drinking more water and sea salts to flush out whatever it is we eat or drink that is other than water), I have been shedding the stored remnants in the way of what we call as fat as well effortlessly, thus doing what we call as ‘losing weight’. Currently I have gone from being a plus size 4x to a size 10/12 and have lost 2 shoe sizes.

We can monitor our pH, checking both urine and saliva with test strips that usually measure from 4.0 to 14.0. It is said that the optimum pH is between 7.0 and 7.50. A reading lower than 7.0 indicates an acidic physical body, while a reading between 7.0 and 7.50 is indicative of an alkaline spiritually aligned physical body. We usually discover that souls whom are this earth dimensional name as highly acidic are souls whom have been diagnosed by conventional medicine with the names of cancer or other diseases, syndromes, disorders, illnesses such as I was. You will be amazed at how acid soda, coffee, tea and beer are if we check them with a litmus pH paper. There is a plethora of information related to what pH is and what types of food are considered on this earth dimension as alkaline or acidic. Thus when we are shifting into a process of being alkaline, the origins are within a system flush, flushing out the remnants in the body flushing out the liver, the pancreas, the intestines, the kidneys etc. It is like that of what we have here on this earth dimension as a drain pipe. After some years, it just gets gunked up right? So when it does, we clean it out so that it is clear and able to bring things through its clear channel again. Same can be said with the physical body. A product that I highly recommend for this is called Miracle II Neutralizer. It is available through wellness concepts. The website is searchable via the internet for more information.

I use the neutralizer occasionally now (as I use water mixed with the cell salts and/or water mixed with the sea salts), as I am in a continuous alkaline state. When I discovered the neutralizer about three earth dimension years ago, the physical body of which my soul resides, was still quite acidic. I was drinking water yes, however, as I soon came to discover, it was a minute amount compared to what the physical body was asking for. Thus, when I started the neutralizer boy was I going to the bathroom a lot! It really does assist in flushing the remnants out, as well as, helps to balance and restore the pH resonance within the physical body. To be continued in part five.

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