The Pain That Follows You

The Pain That Follows You

Back pain is medically termed as dorsaglia. This pain largely originates from the muscles but may also come from nerves, tissues and other injuries to the spine and nearby anatomical structures. Pain is often experienced by those people who work or spend a long time sitting on a chair with poor posture. The pain maybe cervical in nature, those that one feels from the neck towards the shoulder blades. Thoracic back pain points to the large part of the back, while lumbar back pain occurs at the lower back. Pelvic pain is usually felt at the waist towards the buttocks.

As previously mentioned, the most common reason for these back pains is poor posture. Too many times, an individual forgets that he or she is leaning forward too long to see a figure on a desktop computer, or while going over some documents that needed reviewing. This is the most common complaint and occurs at the thoracic area.

Cervical pain or pain at the neck area is usually associated with specific muscle and tissue diseases and conditions. Such conditions need special medical attention. Lumbar pain, when complained usually pertains to problems in the kidneys. This is because the kidneys are located at the back. Any disturbances in the urinary system, especially inflammation from the formation of gall or bladder stones will manifest fist as dull pain at the lumbar area. When pain is pointed at the pelvic area, this usually indicates problems relating to the structures of the reproductive system, like pelvic inflammatory disease. On the other hand, the cause can also be disturbances in the digestive system like inflammatory bowel disease.

Not all conditions that an individual feels like a muscle strain should be massaged. There are conditions that does not call for massage therapy because doing so will further aggravate the condition. Examples of these conditions are: thrombophlebitis, or inflammation of a vein from a blood clot (thrombus) that is formed or lodged on the walls of the vein. Massaging that part will only dislodge the clot, which will facilitate its travel to a more vital part of the body via the blood and may block the heart or any other veins. Consequently, the supply of the blood to the organ where a vein is blocked, will be depleted if not totally obstructed.

Another condition that advices against massage is a herniated disc at the back, as well as any inflammation that is present. Massaging can aggravate any inflammation and further releases substances from an already infected area to get into the circulation. Pain that is chronic in nature, or one that has been present for more than six months, should be evaluated by a medical or ornithologist for proper management.

When the individual is sure that the pain is not caused by any underlying medical conditions and merely the result of an overused, contracted muscle or tissue, the usual recommendation for relief aside from pharmacological prescription is massage therapy. When back pain is felt more frequent, it is better to invest on a chair massager that would facilitate usage whenever the need arise. Before finally purchasing one, it would be better to try to use a massage chair during product demonstration in order to reach a better decision for purchasing. One can also read massage chair review from different users either through the web or personal experiences of colleagues and friends.

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