The Geopathic Phenomenon of Tectonic Tinnitus

The Geopathic Phenomenon of Tectonic Tinnitus

The Condition

There exists some peculiar type of individuals who from time to time, experience and hear an unusual kind of ear tones, known as: Geopathic Tectonic Tinnitus. It is ‘geopathic’ in the fact that it is a phenomenon related to environmental stress. It is ‘tectonic’ as it has origins from the movement of the earth’s crust or tectonic plates. The geological episodes or events then cause a temporary ‘tinnitus’ ear condition. The condition is also commonly known as: ‘Earthquake Ear Tone’. In addition to audio signals, other geopathic stress symptoms may include: various extremes of anxiety, irascibility, dizziness or vertigo, lightheadedness as well as throbbing headaches. The range and type of ear tones may be low, medium and high pitch occurring in either ear or lasting from a few seconds to several minutes. They may be accompanied by a ‘pressure block’ of varying degrees and intensity….or the geopathic episode may have just a ‘silent block’ with no ear tones at all. These rare individuals, who are so attuned to the earth’s disturbances, are known as: ‘The Sensitives’.

The Taos Hum Investigation

Geologists have long been intrigued with the electromagnetic harmonic emissions coming up from the earth’s crust. These generated pulses and chirps will pass through anything….including human cells. Of particular interest is the unusual geopathic activity occurring in Taos, New Mexico. Apparently, the residents there have been complaining incessantly about a low pitch hum that is driving them crazy. Consequently, they resolved to petition the U.S. Congress to find the source of the puzzling emanations, and perhaps even propose some kind of relief. This eventually came to be known as: The Taos Hum Investigation. The Congressional aim was:“Interviewing affected individuals for determining the hum’s nature: the nature of its sound, frequency, timing and effects on them.” The scientists investigating the hums found that they were extremely low on the frequency scale, ­ between 30 and 80Hz. with variations depending on the individual. Their conclusion was that: “there were no known acoustic signals that might account for the hum.” In other words: the Taos Hum still remains a mystery.

Ear tone Earthquake Predictions

The Geopathic Phenomenon of Tectonic Tinnitus is worldwide in scale; as sensitives report their different types of ear ones from various geographical locations. The tonal character is varied depending if the harmonic emissions come from land or water. It has been found that the earth’s crust can act as a powerful seismic signaling conduit. A resonating fault’s base harmonic frequency, can be ascertained by sensitives as to the general location of the emission signals. Occasionally when a ‘silent ear block’ does occur, it may be the body’s way of protecting the hearer. Some sensitives can actually predict the magnitude and direction of a quake within a few days.

A potentially valuable human resource

With ever more devastating earthquakes now occurring globally, these sensitively attuned individuals should be resourced along with all the other hi-tech instruments being used. The geopathic stress syndrome of Tectonic Tinnitus is a real phenomenon, that should be taken seriously by clinicians and seismologists alike. Only by taking an active interest in such persons, can some of the geological mysteries be resolved, and perhaps even discover the true communication and language of the earth.

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