Shock Wave Relief Through Sonorex Treatment

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Shock Wave Relief Through Sonorex Treatment

Extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) is a groundbreaking non-invasive method of treating localized musculoskeletal pains such as tendonitis and heel spurs. Sonorex shockwave treatment is an extremely safe method of combating pain and is believed to be used before drugs or steroid injections are recommended to the patient.

History of Sonorex

Early 1990’s saw German investigators doing research on the use of shockwaves to treat painful musculoskeletal disorders. To begin with, modified kidney stone lithotripters were used for treatment of these disorders but proved cumbersome because the devices were not designed to treat multiple areas of the body. In addition, it also delivered high-energy shock waves resulting in severe pain that required regional or general anesthesia. Having determined that treatment with lower energy shock waves was more effective, chronic pain associated with tendonitis of the shoulder, knee, elbow, and foot was first treated. This gave birth to Sonocur, a low energy shock wave machine by Siemens Medical Systems.

Tendonopathy Treatment through Sonorex Sonocur

Sonocur® basic of sonorex has been successful in treating the following disorders with several clinics posting 70 – 90% success rate among the patients.

* tendinitis of the knee known as patellar tendinitis

* tendinitis of the foot known as Achilles tendinitis

* tendinitis of the shoulder

* heel spur called plantar fasciitis

* golfer’s or tennis elbow also referred to as lateral or medial epicondylitis

The treatment usually involves three weekly shock wave sessions and each session typically lasts for 15-20 minutes during which the shock wave is concentrated on the affected area. It is important to complete the entire recommended course of treatment. Some patients may notice reddened skin at the treatment area while some will have pinpoint bleeding sites on the skin both of which will resolve in due course after the final treatment.

Treatment Procedure with Sonocur

* You can eat and drink normally before undergoing treatment.

* It is imperative that you indicate to the treatment technician, the exact location where you are experiencing maximum pain.

* The technician will then apply a gel to the skin of the affected spot to transmit the shock wave.

* After applying the gel, the technician will place the sonocur treatment head on that point of tenderness and adjust the shock wave penetration depth.

* Initially the shock wave application will be at a lower level. It is important that you do not move the body part that being treated.

* Since energy levels and the depth of penetration are based on the treatment site and the thickness of the tissues overlying the tendons, the technician will ascertain the optimum energy level required for treatment.

* You will feel a mild tingling sensation during the treatment. Notify the technician if this becomes uncomfortable so the energy levels can be duly adjusted.

* Mild discomfort after the treatment for a short time is natural.

Shockwave Effects on Chronic Pain

The action of shockwaves on chronic pain remains a mystery till date but these following explanations have been put forth by experts:

Hyperstimulation analgesia – the low energy shock waves offer adequate stimulation to the nerves through a complex pathway which in turn hampers the pain sensation transmission.

Shock wave induced neovascularization – the shock waves promote an increase in blood supply to the affected region causing reduction in inflammation and pain.

Chemical alteration – the low energy shock waves alter or stimulate the formation of chemical compounds in the affected areas thereby alleviating the pain.

Sonorex treatment is neither a ‘miracle cure’ nor a substitute for other conventional methods of treatment. It works best in conjunction with other normal course of treatments.

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