Improving Male Sexual Performance with 3 Easy Steps.

Improving Male Sexual Performance with 3 Easy Steps.

There are three steps men can take to enhance their sexual performance. Many men avoid discussing this important issue with their healthcare provider, but it weighs on the minds of many at one time or another. In addition to the usual advice about diet and exercise, men often wonder what they can do to improve their sexual performance.

1) Eat a well-balanced diet: This means consuming a variety of nutrient-rich foods. While some men may try to reduce cholesterol by eliminating animal products from their diet, this can lead to a lack of essential nutrients for sexual performance. Animal protein, such as eggs, meats, and oily fish like sardines and salmon, is particularly beneficial for the brain and nervous system. These foods contain omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids, which are vital for nerve health. Seafood also contains zinc, an important nutrient for virility.

2) Maintain good circulation: In addition to regular exercise, men should strive to keep their body size within appropriate limits. The body mass index (BMI) is frequently used to determine healthy weight ranges, but it does not account for lean muscle mass. Lean muscle weighs more than fat, so a man with a higher BMI may actually have a low percentage of body fat. To measure fitness levels accurately, men should have a waist measurement below 40 inches, ideally around 32 inches. Maintaining a healthy waist size significantly decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease, which directly affects sexual performance and erectile function.

3) Perform Kegel’s exercises: Kegel exercises target the pubococcygeal (PC) muscle, which wraps around the base of the penis and the anus. This muscle is essential for achieving and maintaining erections, as well as orgasm. Regular exercise of the PC muscle prevents it from atrophying in both men and women. By strengthening this muscle, men can improve the firmness of their erections. To perform Kegel exercises, contract the muscle, hold for five seconds, and release. Repeat this ten times and perform at least five to six sets daily. If unsure about the correct technique, consult a healthcare provider during an annual physical exam.

Additionally, it is important to pay attention to prostate health. The prostate, located a few inches behind the bladder, plays a vital role in semen production. Prostate massage is recommended as a complementary treatment for chronic prostatitis, improving the effectiveness of antibiotics. It can also relieve symptoms, enhance blood circulation, promote bladder health, and improve sexual capabilities. Prostate massage, performed by a qualified healthcare provider, can be used as a therapeutic strategy to promote prostate health. It can be done 1-3 times per week for chronic prostatitis symptoms or once weekly to twice monthly for maintenance in the absence of symptoms. However, caution must be exercised as acute prostatitis can lead to severe infection and hospitalization. It is essential to consult an experienced healthcare provider, such as a nurse practitioner or doctor, for prostate massage.

To optimize sexual performance, men should follow these three steps: eat a nutrient-rich diet, perform Kegel exercises, and consult a qualified healthcare provider for prostate massage.

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