How to Help Hay Fever With Hypnotherapy

How to Help Hay Fever With Hypnotherapy

You’d be right in thinking it seems a bit early, but that all depends on what kind of pollen allergy you have.

Grass pollen is the most common allergen and will usually affect you between May and July.

But if you’re allergic to tree or weed and shrub pollen you may suffer at times that seem to fall outside the standard hay fever season. February to June for trees and September and October for weeds.

If you suffer from hay fever I probably don’t need to describe how uncomfortable the symptoms are. It can often seem like you sneeze and wheeze your way through many months of the year.

And if tree, grass and weed pollen are your thing you may be in for a very long hay fever season.

But did you know that Hypnotherapy can help?

Many people who suffer from it find it very limiting. Picnics in the park and weekends in the country become something to be avoided instead of enjoyed.

You probably already know about the various options available. You may even have tried them all. At best they help manage your symptoms, at worst they provide little relief and leave you feeling drugged up.

Research has shown that hypnotherapy can alleviate the symptoms and cut the amount of drugs needed.

Psychologist John Gruzelier, at Imperial College London and editor of the journal Contemporary Hypnosis states that hypnosis may be an effective medical approach for many ailments. He also suggests that self-hypnotherapy might improve hay fever symptoms by regulating the immune system.

In hay fever, increased blood flow to the nose is thought to cause congestion. It is on this swelling of the vessels that hay fever drugs work. Hypnosis can also work on this area in an effective and natural way.

According to Mike Matthews, chair of Allergy UK and a retired general practitioner who has researched hypnotherapy – ‘It’s well-documented that hypnosis can alter blood flow. Through your mind, in a way we don’t understand, you can directly affect the blood flow of a small part of your body.’ This can cause a reduction in symptoms like congestion and runny nose.

In the hands of a skilled hypnotherapist self hypnosis for hay fever can be taught in as little as 1-3 sessions.

These days with good internet speeds it’s also possible to have an effective hypnotherapy session using Skype.

So there’s no need to suffer and sneeze your way through the year.

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