How to Get the Perfect Penis Size That Girls Love!

How to Get the Perfect Penis Size That Girls Love!

Let’s talk about a subject that seems to interest most guys – penis size. When it comes to male sexual health, the issue of penile size gets more attention than any of other sexual problem that men face. Most men always wonder if their penile size is big enough to satisfy women. As we all know so many women fake orgasms. As old and archaic as this may sound it is true. So many women actually fake orgasms so as to please their lovers. But why do women do this?

If a woman resorts to faking orgasms to please her lover then it means the man is not satisfying her sexually. And in situations where she has very strong feelings for her lover, she would not be willing to deflate his ego by just saying the truth. Continued pretense can lead to the woman seeking sexual satisfaction somewhere else which could lead to final breakdown of the relationship. There are a few sexual problems that men battle with, but one very common one is that of a small penis.

And yes penis size matters a lot to women when it comes to sexual satisfaction. A small penis only ends up frustrating a woman in bed. The popular phrase of “it’s not the size that matters but what you do with it” was meant as a consolation to men with small penises. No woman would prefer a small penis to a bigger one. A woman might be willing to endure a man with a small size till she finds a better equipped lover.

Since we now know that women do not like small penises, what size do women love? When it comes to penis size, the most important thing is girth. This is what separates the boys from the men. There is a big difference between a 4 inch thick penis and 5 inch thick one. Most women would prefer the thicker one. Why? Because a thicker penis is more capable of stimulating the first 2 inches of a woman’s vagina than a thinner one.

The length of a man’s penis is only important when balance with sufficient girth. A thin and long penis is just as bad as a short and thin penis. I am sure you might be wondering, what exactly is the perfect penis size that most women would love to have inside them during sexual intercourse. A penis girth of 6 inches and 8 inches in length is the size most women wish their lovers had. This size is adequate to take care of both their girth needs by creating more friction between their vagina walls and the penis and. Also it gives them that wonderful feeling of being penetrated deep into their vagina. But unfortunately only few men actually possess this size.

So what is the point in talking about the perfect penis size when only few men actually have this size? Did you know it was possible to increase your penis to the perfect size that women love? You would not achieve the perfect size in a day but with dedication and persistence you can achieved your desired penile size. Have you heard of natural penile enlargement exercises? These natural penile enlargement exercises can do wonders in your sex life. Asides giving you a bigger manhood, you also get more control over your ejaculations and stronger erections.

I am sure you never thought it was possible to enlarge your penis using natural penile enlargement exercises. It is very possible and thousands of men have increased their size using these simple natural penile enlargement exercises. Although the penis is not completely a muscle, it can be pressured to increase in size by using special and dedicated natural penile enlargement exercises that are targeted at making the penile tissues increase in size which results in a bigger penis.

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