How to Fix Your Hiatus Hernia for Good

How to Fix Your Hiatus Hernia for Good

Recent trends in natural medicine in the past year, 2019, have provide a new way for you to fix your hiatus hernia, but you need to look at it from a different view point. Anytime you have any kind illness, it is not just about that organ or body area. It’s about a whole-body illness. When any part of your body is not functioning properly, the rest of your body is also ill. The other parts of your body have to change to balance off your body’s basic illness and this causes your overall health to suffer.

If you have hiatus hernia, your stomach abilities are decreased, the digestion of your food is affected, your gut has to adjusted to undigested food, your cells are not getting the minerals and vitamins they need. And the list is problems goes on and on.

So, where do you start when you have a stomach hernia or any other illness.

Is it not time to for you to look for a new way to heal your hiatus hernia? And it’s not with hiatus surgery, hernia drugs, or only with hiatus remedies. It’s looking at your hiatus through the new eyes of “Functional Medicine.”

Functional Medicine Doctors

So, what is Functional Medicine? This type of medicine sees any illness you have as a whole body illness. If you have poor liver function, these doctors look at the blood markers to see how your liver is affecting your whole body. Using blood tests, they can determine what foods, diet, supplements, and life changes you need to make to get well.

By strengthening your body with nutrients and lifestyle changes, your body can come back into balance creating a cure for any illness you might have.

So why should you not follow the same functional thinking to cure your hiatus hernia by not only concentration on your hiatus, but by also targeting other body systems to improve their function and thereby improving your immune system and health.

Where to Start with a Hiatus Hernal

When you have any kind of illness like hiatus, acid reflux, gout, acid body, high blood pressure, fatty liver, lupus, or kidney issues, you also have other parts of your body that are malfunctioning. If you concentrate only on repairing your hiatus hernia, it will only be a temporary fix.

Where to Start with Repairing Hiatus Hernia

So, here are the 4 things can get you started.

1. Improve your digestion by fixing your gut function by taking digestive enzymes and probiotics.

2. Build up your gut lining to minimize gut permeability by using fulvic acid

3. Start building up your body’s store of alkaline mineral to reduce acid body by eating more raw fruits and vegetables.

4. Take supplements that strengthen your immune system such fish oil, curcumin, COQ10, and vitamin D3.

Start with these four items to diminish the effects of hiatus hernia. There are many other things to do and these will be covered in other articles.

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