Exercises To Eliminate Stubborn Belly Fat

Exercises To Eliminate Stubborn Belly Fat

Belly fat also known as abdominal obesity is referred to as central obesity in medical terms. An excess accumulation of unhealthy fatty deposits around this area poses numerous risks to the person. A higher level of such fat deposits can cause a significant increase in the amount of fatty acid within the liver. This can lead to a reduction in the insulin levels, which may eventually result in hepatic steatosis that is nothing but fat buildup inside the liver. To prevent such drastic and dangerous results, it is important to adopt an exercise routine that is effective in eliminating belly fat.

Individuals must understand that there are no quick fixes when they want to remove the stubborn fat from around their bellies. However, a regular physical exercise regime combined with a healthy diet plan can help to reduce the fat from the abdominal region. Moreover, burning higher number of calories than is consumed results in effective and permanent weight loss. Individuals are also advised to follow the following exercise regime after consulting with their physicians.

One of the most effective exercises to eliminate fatty deposits from the belly region is the exercise ball crunch. While doing this exercise, you must position yourself on top of the ball while providing complete support to your lower back and place the hands at the rear of your head. The next step is to lift your chest from the top of the ball while dragging the base of your ribcage towards the hips. While doing this exercise, it is important to maintain the stability of the ball as you try to lift your body upwards followed by lowering your back to enable the stretching of the abs. You must repeat this twelve times in three sets for maximum results.

Another beneficial exercise is the long arm crunch, where you lie flat on your belly while stretching your arms straight towards the back. You must clasp the arms and run them along your ears. Then slowly contract the abs and cautiously lift your shoulders while keeping the arms straight. The bicycle exercise is performed by lying flat on your back and resting your hands behind your head. Then you must try to lift your shoulders from the floor while moving the knees towards your chest. Slowly bring the left elbow towards your right knee while straightening the left leg. Repeat the peddling motion on the other side.

An exercise that resembles the leg crunch is the vertical leg crunch. While doing this exercise, you should lie on the floor and keep the legs raised. To support yourself, you must place your hands beneath your head and cross the knees. Then slowly contract the abs while lifting the shoulders off the ground keeping your legs in a permanent position. In addition to these various exercises, you can adopt other routines that interest you to lose the stubborn belly fat. Workouts, such as cycling, swimming, or hiking are also beneficial in helping you shed the fatty deposits from around your belly.

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