Effects of Cod Liver Oil

Effects of Cod Liver Oil

Cod oil is widely used in all over the world for the treatment of many symptoms in human beings. Since they contain omega-3, very high vitamin D and E, tablet has been manufactured from the liver oil of Cod fish.

Initially, cod oil has been established in the fishing communities of Scotland, Norway, Iceland and Greenland. Several centuries before, it has been used in these places for the protection of rigour in the intense cold. As these countries are always filled with snow, the climatic conditions do not support to all people. So, cod liver oil is been used in the cold climatic condition areas for the prevention of rigour.

It has been proven that consumption of cod liver oil can relieve from diseases like rheumatism, aching muscles and stiff joints. This oil was commonly used for the treatment of rickets where 90% of the children are affected with that disease during the year 1890. After that, during the year 1950, research were carried out and found that the cod oil also contains Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA). Due to the presence of EPA and DHA, cod liver oil can be treated with rheumatism and also with some of the heart diseases and circulatory system.

For the case of pregnant women’s, it is mainly associated with lower risk of Type 1 diabetes. These effects can be found only after the consumption. Some types of oils are safer and can be consumed by the women’s during their pregnancy period. They also contain unsafe amount of Vitamin A which is not recommended for pregnant women’s.

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