Do Epsom salts help flush fatty liver?

Do Epsom salts help flush fatty liver?

Fatty liver remedies aimed at reducing fat congestion in the liver do exist, but their results have been widely varied. Some, such as vitamin E and vitamin C supplements, have shown promise but require further testing. On the other hand, Epsom salts have a long history of use and have been proven effective in treating various ailments, including liver problems, muscle pains, and even oily hair.

Epsom salts are effective because they excel at cleansing oils and fats. In regards to the liver, Epsom salts solidify cholesterol in the bile ducts, which are then passed to the large intestine and eliminated through defecation.

This method of treating fatty liver functions as a liver flush, removing significant amounts of cholesterol and impurities from the liver. The ingredients typically include Epsom salts, apple juice, olive oil, grapefruit extract, and Ornithine capsules.

The olive oil and grapefruit stimulate the liver to expel stones, cholesterol, and waste products. Meanwhile, the Epsom salts relax various muscles, allowing larger stones to pass smoothly through the bile duct and duodenum.

This treatment can be done at home, but expect some discomfort afterward. You may experience queasiness and diarrhea, as these are the means through which the stones are expelled from your body. It is important to note that if you have an allergy to magnesium sulfate, the primary component of Epsom salts, you should avoid this type of liver flush.

Diet and exercise will continue to be crucial in reducing fat in your liver. However, it is imperative to have the right diet and exercise plan to ensure success.

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