Dissolving Gallstones Naturally – 5 Medicinal Properties of Artichokes in Gallstones Treatment

Dissolving Gallstones Naturally – 5 Medicinal Properties of Artichokes in Gallstones Treatment

Surgery as an option to treat gallbladder disorder has often been criticized. It is said that an estimated 40% to 50% of those who underwent gallstone removal surgery, suffer from constant diarrhea, excessive bowel gas and dull abdominal pains as a result of losing their gallbladders. Hence, there are now more recommendations regarding treatments by dissolving gallstones naturally and medicinally.

Stone dissolutions with the use of drug medications also have their own setbacks. Drugs made from bile acids known as ursodiol and chenodiol will take months and even years before the stones are totally dissolved.

Hence, medicinal requirements likewise entail high costs of medicines. In addition, it brings about the occurrence of chronic diarrhea as a resulting side effect. In some cases, the drug chenodiol was found to have raised levels of blood cholesterol and the enzyme transaminase in livers.

Another drug being introduced which is the methyl tert-butyl ether has not yet gained wide acceptance because the very nature of this drug is known to be flammable, toxic and environmentally hazardous. Hence, the likeliest options for being safe and cost efficient are the herbal medicines used in dissolving gallstones naturally.

The artichoke is one important medicinal herb that has been in use as liver tonic as far back as the Roman Empire. Artichoke supplements and extracts of the compound from its leaves are good alternatives to dissolve gallstones naturally.

Five Medicinal Properties of Artichoke in Dissolving Gallstones Naturally

1. Artichokes are said to contain cynarin substance that promote the production of bile. If bile levels increase, the cholesterol in the gallbladder are easily dissolved thereby preventing additional gallstones formation. As bile production normalizes, some of the cholesterol composition of the stones can be broken down to ease some of the blockage.

2. It contain chlorogenic acid, cynaroside and luteolin substances that prevent cholesterol production in the liver. If cholesterol levels decrease, then the bile fluid can continue with the normal process of breaking down cholesterol. As a process of dissolving gallstones naturally, the artichoke compounds prevent more stones from being formed and cholesterol compositions of existing stones are being dissolved.

3. The cynarin compound in an artichoke leaf has the ability to protect the liver cells from toxins hence, promoting continuous production of bile.

4. The chlorogenic acid also found in the artichoke leaf acts as antioxidant, providing protection against free radicals and its carcinogenic effects. It also provides regenerative aid by promoting liver cell production to ensure unhampered bile production in the liver.

5. As the artichoke leaves succeed in dissolving gallstones naturally, relief from abdominal pain, heartburn, bloating, nausea and vomiting which are all symptoms related to gallbladder swelling will be provided. It was noted in several clinical studies that more than half of the patients treated with artichokes extract were rid of these symptoms in just two weeks.

Artichokes have been in existence as far back as 2000 years ago and have provided these medicinal benefits in different eras and cultures. Hence, there is no reason for us to doubt its efficiency in providing the liver with the nutrients it needs to produce bile regularly and normally.

If the bile levels are returned to normal and the cholesterol production is prevented, then the treatment process of dissolving gallstones naturally can be achieved by the curative properties of artichokes.

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