Advanced Pranic Healing – Used to Treat Cancers

Advanced Pranic Healing – Used to Treat Cancers

Pranic healing is a non-touch mode of energy healing developed by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui. He formulated the theory and practice of using light energy to affect positive changes in the etheric or energy body.

The details of how Pranic Healing can achieve a reduction in tumours can be beneficial to those wishing to avail themselves of this form of ‘energy healing treatment’.

At the Beginner level the pranic healer learns to scan the ‘pranic energy’ which exists in the space between all things. This is called ‘feeling the chi’ or ‘prana’. Once the scanner has developed a sensitivity to feeling the prana the scanner is able to identify the boundaries of the aura which surrounds the physical body. Then he/she is able to differentiate between the outer aura and the inner aura. The outer aura contains the health rays which protect the physical body. The inner aura represents the condition or state of the chakra energies along the front and rear meridians, the “yin” and “yang” energy channels. When chakras are depleted or congested in their functioning it is represented as a bump or dip in the inner aura. When a chakra is overactive it will manifest as having a bigger diameter, whereas when it is inhibited it will have a smaller diameter.

The chakras are energy centers which interact on the spiritual plane with the physical body meridians. Behind each chakra is a protective web separating the physical reality from the spiritual plane. This web prevents negative energies and entities from entering the etheric body.

The Master designed methods for cleansing and energizing chakras so that they can be normalized and balanced. He also developed techniques for destroying negative thought forms and entities which cause and/or contribute to emotional and mental illnesses.

At the advanced level the ‘scanner’ works also with minor chakras and sub-chakras. These are in the joints and organs and represent the finer inner workings of the body. In the head, there is the backhead, eye, ear, and jaw minor chakras. The minor throat which controls the lymphatics, the minor chakras corresponding to the heart, lungs(3) one per lobe, kidneys, gallbladder, pancreas, bladder, stomach, and spleen.

The extremeties of the body also have corresponding minor chakras in the armpits, elbow, wrists, fingers, hips, knees, ankles, and toes. These minor chakras, usually half the size of the major chakras, will indicate when there is some malfunction of those parts of the physical body, appearing either congested, depleted, overactive, or inhibited.

Generally what the Advanced Pranic Healer does is to scan the body’s etheric aura and chakras to ascertain the presence and location of tumour energies. The Pranic Healer then uses the manipulation of ‘pranic energy’ which corresponds with the physical body. This manipulation of energy cleanses the etheric body of the diseased tumour energy. There is a natural correspondence between the physical body and the etheric or energy body. By healing the one there is a healing of the other. The healing energy must be stabilized so that it stays with the patient. The energy must also be released so it doesn’t return to the healer. I use the term “healer” loosely to mean the pranic energy facilitator. The pranic energy is pervasive. It exists in us and around us and is controllable, directable, and can be moved or transmitted with ‘intent’.

Pranic healers trained in the advanced therapies can use coloured energy with intent to dissolve cancer tumour energies. Physical cancer tumours are attached to the physical body by the cancer tumour energies.

The use of dark colours is reserved for advanced practitioners and not by beginners because of the destructive results of using dark colours. Because of the close relationship between the physical body and the energy body the removal of tumours can be achieved using the transmission of coloured light/energy at the tumours through the hand or finger chakras. The use of a pointed laser crystal reduces the risk of contamination to the pranic healer by acting as a barrier between the transmitted energy and the diseased energy leaving the physical body through the energy body.

The understanding of this procedure is ‘intuitive’. It is understandable intellectually only if one had experienced the power of ‘prana’ and its ability to transform or heal. Grand Master always taught that there is a place for respectful intellectual skepticism about ‘alternative healing modalities’. The proof is in the results. The removal of tumours using pranic healing is the measure of its effectiveness.

Pranic healing is not intended to be a substitute for radiation or chemotherapy but is intended to remove blockages to the body’s own innate ability to heal itself. It is by removing the diseased energies that the physical body can heal itself.

Cancerous energy is yellow-red prana. It goes where it is not supposed to be. It can be removed with other colour pranas. But this is only intended for advanced pranic healers. The details cannot be divulged to non-initiates as injury may result when colour prana is manipulated by those who are not skilled in the contra-indications to its use. Some colour pranas should not be transmitted together. As is the case of yellow and red.

Knowledge is power. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Let’s use the pranic healing knowledge wisely and safely with goodwill and the will to do good.

Blessings to all.

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