Silica In the Treatment of Health Complications Due to High Uric Acid Level

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Silica In the Treatment of Health Complications Due to High Uric Acid Level

Metabolism of uric acid is not possible by our body. This is because our body does not have the enzyme called uricase without which uric acid can not be metabolized. Therefore the excretion of uric acid is done by the kidneys and the intestines. Out of which 70% is excreted by the kidneys and 30% is excreted by the intestines under normal conditions. But when kidneys stop functioning sufficiently, large amount of excretion is done by the intestines. Uric acid is almost insoluble in nature and thus when its concentration increases in the body, there are chances of its crystallizing in the joints and urinary tract. This can cause various health complications like formation of stones in the kidney or in the gall bladder. This can also result into a disease called gout.

High uric acid level in the body and the health complications taking place due to this can be due to a variety of reasons. This can be due to the food we eat. Consumption of red meat, fish, seafood, excessive alcoholic beverages can be a reason. Again if our lifestyle comprises of excessive exercise or starvation, it can also be a reason. Even age and sex are also responsible for this. For instance, men are more afflicted by it than women and the trouble is most found with the people within the age group of 50 to 60. Heredity can also be one of the factors.

Silica is a great cure in reducing the level of uric acid and also in the case of gout. Silica has inherent capability to flush and clean the kidneys. This way the chances of stone deposition are reduced. Even when the stones get accumulated in the kidneys, the flushing action of silica helps in removing them. Silica is used as one of the essential components in the medicines used to remove the stones. It is also used as diuretics.

Food rich in silica should be taken for its medicinal benefits. Silica is present in very small quantity in most of the vegetable and fruits so it is better to have some health supplements to compensate it.

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