How to Make Your Semen Thick Naturally

How to Make Your Semen Thick Naturally

Most women consider your semen an index of your male sexual power, fertility and virility. Most women find thick and larger volume of semen as visually stimulating.

Not only this, thick semen is considers far better in terms of fertility and sperm count as compared to thin or watery semen.

No wonder, most men desire to produce larger volume of thick semen.

First step you need to take is to take care of your diet. Make sure your body gets all the nutrients, minerals and other vitamins in order to ensure production of thick semen.

Zinc is the most crucial mineral that your body requires for producing semen. Not only this, it also vital for the production of testosterone which is the hormone that governs sexual and reproductive health in men.

One of the best sources of zinc is Oysters. Not only this, animal protein is also highly effective. In fact, your body absorbs zinc form animal protein more readily than from any other source. This gives your another reasons to enjoy your steak.

Other foods that can do wonders for your semen volume and consistency include celery, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds etc.

Moreover, you must avoid use of tobacco and hard or recreational drugs. Smoking can be highly detrimental for both your sexual and reproductive function. Nicotine not only builds plaque in your arteries and restrict blood flow to the penis but also helps reduce your sperm count and gives rise to fertility issues.

Not only this, it is also important to reduce stress. Adequate sleep is also highly important.

Moreover, it is also important to workout regularly so as to encourage better and improved blood circulation throughout your body. Your overall health plays a pivotal role in maintaining your sexual health and function.

Over and above, there are some natural supplements that can also be a big help. Such supplements have gained immense popularity over the past few years. In fact, top of the line supplements can help make you produce 5 times more semen with increased consistency within a few months.

This is not just good for your fertility but can also enhance pleasure on ejaculation.

Moreover, such supplements contain l-arginine which not only increases testosterone production but is also instrumental in increasing blood flow to the penis. This ensures rock solid erections.

Such supplements are safe and free of side effects.

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