Is Juniper an Effective Way to Treat Gout Naturally?

Is Juniper an Effective Way to Treat Gout Naturally?

An increasing number of people today are choosing to treat gout using natural and herbal remedies as opposed to relying fully on medication to ease the pain and discomfort that it can cause. Among the natural treatments currently gaining a great deal of attention is Juniper.

Juniper berries from the evergreen plant Juniperis communis are also known as gin berries. They are relatively small, bluish-purple berries that vaguely resemble blueberries. They are about ¼ inch in diameter, and have a surprising, spicy flavor with subtle pine undertones.

There are many benefits to taking juniper berries, including their use to help ease gout. The juniper berry encourages the flow of urine and detoxification of the bladder, kidneys, and prostate. It is also becoming celebrated as an effective preventative and treatment for urinary infections. Of course, juniper berries are probably most commonly known for the flavor they provide when making gin.

Juniper berries contain many compounds, including camphene, cineole, alpha and beta pinene, myrcene, and terpinene volatile oils. Additionally, juniper barriers also contain active ingredients such as lignin, gum, resin, sugar, beta-carotine, wax, betulin, catechin, borneol, glycolic acid, linalool, limonene, rutin, menthol, calcium, tannins, chromium, B-vitamins, vitamin C, Iron, as well as many other valuable vitamins and minerals. There is even a compound with potential anticancer and antiviral properties called deoxypodophyllotoxin in juniper berries.

As an antiseptic and a diuretic that promotes a healthy urine flow and urinary tracts, excess water and toxins are expelled from the body when juniper berry is taken. Even more important to gout treatment is the fact that juniper berries help to prevent uric acid crystallization and aids in the expulsion of sediment. As gout is a result of buildup of this uric acid crystal sediment in joints, the ability of juniper to inhibit this process is critical to its effectiveness when attacks occur. Instead of having a buildup of these crystals in the joints, they are harmlessly passed in the urine. This also helps to prevent gall stones and kidney stones.

When a gout attack occurs, it is not too late to take juniper as it also contains helpful and effective anti-inflammatory properties, easing the pain and pressure of gout as well as arthritis in the joints. This may be why gin was once recommended to treat gout and arthritis (though it is now known that the alcohol in gin can actually negate any of the benefits of the juniper so don’t go rushing to the nearest store for a bottle).

Overall, the humble juniper berry is considered to be an effective herbal treatment for purifying the blood and cleansing the body of toxins and undesirable buildups, allowing the body to better fight off infection and disease.

Juniper is easiest to take in the form of capsules, which you can get from most health shops and may be taken several times every day.

Before beginning treatment with juniper to treat gout, make sure to talk to your doctor to ensure that there aren’t any other conflicts or issues of which you should be notified. You should always make it a habit to review gout medications and discuss your options before beginning new treatments.

If you’ve suffered from a gout attack or two now is the time to take action to stop the attacks in their tracks and discover effective preventative steps before your uric acid levels get out of hand.

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