Erectile Dysfunction and Oysters – A Match Made In Heaven?

Erectile Dysfunction and Oysters – A Match Made In Heaven?

Oysters have a reputation around the world as being an aphrodisiac. Viagra is well known for its ability to help men suffering from erectile dysfunction. What would happen if the two were combined into an “aphrodisiac cocktail?”

The idea came to one Australian man after he had gone through prostate surgery. His doctor informed him that he might suffer from impotence after the procedure, as many men do. He took his prescription of Viagra to his pharmacy and filled his order.

Knowing about the libido-enhancing properties of oysters, he decided that he might be able to boost his own libido while curing his erectile problems, so he crushed the prescription tablets onto some smoked oysters. While many people don’t enjoy the taste of oysters, they still eat them for their reported sexual boosting benefits.

While it’s been hypothesized that oysters can provide humans with some sexual benefits, most of that reputation simply comes from their high zinc content. Zinc has been proven to increase male fertility and sperm production through countless studies. However, the aphrodisiac qualities of oysters and zinc are unproven, and might even be considered wishful thinking by some doctors.

Regardless, this Australian man decided to sprinkle his prescription Viagra onto his oysters for maximum benefit. He must’ve liked what he found, because he decided to take his concoction to the next level with his Viagra Oysters.

He soon got in contact with some local oyster farmers, hoping to create and sell the world’s first Viagra Oysters. The farm took the contract and production was under way.

By continuing their regular oyster farming processes and adding some Viagra to the water, they hoped the oysters would all absorb some sidenafil citrate (aka prescription Viagra). Oysters can take anywhere up to 3-4 years before they reach maturity, and the way they feed almost ensures there would be some Viagra absorbed.

The results, although not published for the public eye yet, have been decent according to the manufacturer. There have been distinct trace amounts of active Viagra in almost every oyster farmed with this technique. However, there are some problems already brewing.

Because Viagra is a controlled substance and prescription drug, it might be all but impossible to get these Viagra Oysters into most markets. North America, Australia, and parts of Europe have already balked at the idea. That’s not stopping the growers though, as they believe there’s still hope to get their product into some Asian markets.

Another problem they’ve encountered was direct from Pfizer, the manufacturer of prescription Viagra. When the manufacturer of Viagra Oysters decided to name their product after a registered trademark, Pfizer immediately came after them to shut them down.

While it was a novel idea, there’s probably not much hope for these little libido/ED oysters. There would be too many hoops to jump through, and controlling the amount of chemical Viagra per oyster is proving to be difficult.

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