Tinnitus treatment: 2 everyday items that may cause your tinnitus!

Tinnitus treatment: 2 everyday items that may cause your tinnitus!

Certain aspects of your lifestyle may cause tinnitus, and either one or both of these factors could be the cause of your condition.

Toothpaste can be a culprit in causing tinnitus. Consider this scenario: you’re going crazy trying to sleep at night because of that annoying ticking sound that isn’t even “really” there. And what’s worse is that you may unknowingly be causing your tinnitus by something you do every day – toothbrushing.

Toothpaste is loaded with chemicals, and nearly all synthetic chemicals have side effects. Just because toothpaste is legally available doesn’t mean it can’t have negative effects.

Different toothpastes contain different chemicals and have varying effects on tinnitus.

One of the biggest offenders in toothpaste is the type made for sensitive teeth, which contains potassium, a factor in hair cell function. However, some people still experience tinnitus even with regular toothpaste.

If you use toothpaste (which you most likely do), whether it’s regular or for sensitive teeth, it may be time to switch to natural or organic toothpastes. Natural toothpastes don’t contain synthetic ingredients and can be found in health shops or pharmacies. You can even use common kitchen staples like salt and baking soda to clean your teeth effectively.

The chemicals in toothpaste that cause tinnitus don’t contribute much anyway. The only reason they are used is to create a good lather. Natural toothpastes can achieve the same effect, so it’s wise for everyone, tinnitus or not, to make the switch.

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is not a common cause of tinnitus, but for those who already have it, EMI can worsen the condition. Many electronics and appliances emit electromagnetic radiation, and the problem has intensified with the invention of cellular phones and Wi-Fi.

Here are some ways to identify if EMI may be affecting your tinnitus:

– Does your tinnitus suddenly stop when you go on vacation to an area with less EMI, like a rural area?
– Did your tinnitus start suddenly after moving to a new house, particularly within a city?
– Does your tinnitus get worse after using your cellular phone?

Reducing your exposure to EMI can have a significant impact on alleviating your tinnitus, although it can be challenging. Remembering your tinnitus history can help determine if you are among the people who experience symptoms due to EMI exposure. Severe cases may cause sickness, but most cases only involve tinnitus as a symptom.

Although tinnitus can have various causes, these two lifestyle aspects are worth examining before pursuing more specific treatments.

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