The Health Demerits of Masturbation

The Health Demerits of Masturbation

Although many sites and articles claim that masturbation is a healthy behavior they condemn excessive masturbation. Being addictive, people who masturbate become slaves of the behavior and are fond of doing it excessively. It is almost similar to drug addiction. The health demerits of masturbation mostly occur over excessive masturbation. Remember, excessive masturbation come as a result of addiction which is actually hard to control. Some of the health demerits are explained below.


Prostatitis – this is an inflammation of the Prostrate gland. The swelling is as a result of regular filling and emptying of the gland and erections. The enlarged prostrate store fluids which pass out after or during urination causing an itchy feeling and sometimes causes UTI.

Parasympathetic nerve weakness – this nerve plays an important role in maintaining a hard erection and holding semen. Excessive masturbation weakens this nerve and as a result, erection and ejaculation control is lost.

Weakening of Pubococcygeus muscle (PC muscle) – masturbation weakens the PC muscles. Both genders have this muscle but when weakened affects the male’s sexual life. The PC muscle controls urination and ejaculation. A weakened PC muscle causes another sexual health disorder called Semen Leakage. Semen leakage is a condition where semen oozes or flows out easily with even the slightest erection. Sometimes urine also drips out uncontrollably.

Hormonal imbalance – excessive masturbation results in excessive secretion of such hormones as dopamine, neurotransmitters and serotonin. These hormones are harmful to the male’s sexual strength and often cause premature ejaculation.

Infertility – excessive masturbation results in regular and excessive ejaculation. Sperm count and quality is, as a result, reduced and may result in infertility.

Premature ejaculation – this is caused by the enlargement of prostrate gland which upon arousal lets out the semen. After a premature ejaculation, the stiffness is lost. The penis at its weak state cannot penetrate.


Foreign bodies, this are toys and instruments used for masturbation. Some women have ended up undergoing surgical operations when the objects they were using for masturbation got stuck in their private parts.

The vibrator’s effects, the strong vibration force causes fatigue and damage to such parts as: G-spot, sphincter muscle, Splanchnic nerves and the bladder. Most women use a strong vibratory energy for quick results not knowing the damage they cause.

Irritation – rubbing at a high-speed is one way to speed up masturbation. Whether internally or externally, rubbing causes irritation. The vaginal tissues and lining in most occasions feels itchy after masturbation. This increases the chances of getting a sexually transmitted infections and vaginal complications.

Reduced sexual pleasure – over masturbation damages the vaginal lining, the nervous system, G spot and clitoris. During actual sex with the opposite partner, Climaxing becomes hard to reach and therefore the sexual pleasure is reduced.

From the online views, most victims became addicts easily and are over masturbating. Like it is said medically that ‘prevention is better than cure’, it is advisable to prevent this habit before it causes additional problems on your general sexual being.

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