Potential Causes Of Kidney Pain

Potential Causes Of Kidney Pain

Many of us may not have felt or experienced kidney pain or some other kind of pain whose position we can’t identify clearly nor can we object that the pain is occurring in a particular organ. An identification of kidney pain is that it comes in form of waves and is often a sharp pain that sometimes gets impossible to bear. In very rare conditions is it a dull type of aching but usually it is a sharp pain.

There are quite a few reasons due to which the pain arises which are discussed briefly below in order to spread awareness on what is and how kidney pain occurs.

One common reason of pain in the kidney cases is the blocked flow of urine. If due to any reason the bladder or the tube that the urine flows through gets blocked a pressure is created due to the reversing of the urine back to the kidney swelling it in return. These obstructions in the urinary tract can be caused due to several varying reasons.

Kidney stones are another big reason for several individuals suffering from pain in the kidney. This is one of the common form of urinary tract disorder in kidney patients and is very painful. Often in the cleansing process small crystal particles that are separated from the urine are accumulated in the urinary tract where they sometimes turn into hard substances or masses which are referred to as kidney stones. When these stones formulate they not only cause general kidney pain but can also present several other symptoms due to their presence. The existence of a kidney stone is known only through the symptoms it presents and if in some cases there are no symptoms present there is no way to diagnose a kidney stone until it shows in an X-Ray inspection.

Renal Tuberculosis is another reason causing kidney pain. Though Tuberculosis (TB) generally affects lungs in the body, there is always a chance that it would spread to the other parts of the body as well. These parts also include the kidney and when this situation occurs normally there is no early symptoms that show signs of this occurrence or such a kidney condition. Though rare these cases have been reported in the past and are termed as Nephrotuberculosis or the TB of the kidneys.

These are some of the general reasons that cause kidney pain though there are many more as well. Visit us for more information.

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