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Natural Remedy for Peptic Ulcer

Have you been diagnosed of peptic ulcer which is severe and painful? Have you tried several options known to you? You probably have not heard of this remedy, Chanca piedra with no side effect.

If you are chancing on this article, then you are lucky!

Chanca piedra a Spanish word meaning, stone breaker. Chanca piedra, an herb found across the whole world with scientific name: Phyllanthus niruri, P. emblica, P. fexuosus, P. amarus, and P. sellowianus have received more phytochemical attention. Although most of these compounds are chemically known, their complete pharmacological properties remain, in general, undetermined. The following are some of the names used elsewhere in the world Amli, Bhonya, Bhoomi Amalaki, Bhuianvalah, Bhuimy Amali, Bhuin Amla, Brise Pierre,Carry-MeSeed.

Chanca Piedra is a small plant growing up to 12 to 18 inches in height. It contains different classes of organic compounds of medicinal interest, including alkaloids, flavonoids, lactones, steroids, terpenoids, lignans, tannins, and so forth’

Though used for treating several sicknesses, such as Kidney stones which is primary,hepatitis B and several other diseases. It can also be used to treat peptic ulcer.

The whole plant is used in treatment. This is the way to go.

Take the plant from the soil making sure the whole plant is taken and not part. Make sure you have the root intact. You can choose to use it dry or in its fresh state. But for preservative purposes it is recommended dried and grounded into powder.

Direction of uses; Take two table spoon full and mix it in hot water or chew and swallow on empty stomach. Take your breakfast in the next 15-20 minutes. Repeat this in the evening as the last thing to be taken. Repeat this whole process for two weeks continuously and then break for a week. Return to the dosage immediately after the break. Depending on the severity, you can take the dose for eight weeks.

Caution; Chanca piedra has been found to be reducing blood sugar level, so it is highly recommended not to wait further than the 20minutes prescribed before eating. It is also a diurectic, so your rate of urination will increase so don’t be alarmed.


There has been no toxicity reported in any of the clinical studies, nor have there been any side effects reported, except for an occasional case of cramps during the expulsion of stones from the use of the whole plant either as a tea or in “crude” (whole plant) extracts in capsules. If cramping occurs, dosage can be cut in half.

After using this for the fourth week go for ulcer test and I bet you it will prove negative.

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