How to Help Men Last Longer in Bed – 3 Tips to Help Your Man Prevent Premature Ejaculation

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How to Help Men Last Longer in Bed – 3 Tips to Help Your Man Prevent Premature Ejaculation

Does your man have trouble lasting in bed? This is a very common problem. In fact premature ejaculation is the most common sexual issue for men under fifty.

If you man is affected by premature ejaculation and is unable to last long enough to satisfy you, the good news is that with the correct treatment men can learn how to last longer in bed in the overwhelming majority of cases.

Unfortunately there is a large amount of miss understanding of this issue for both men and women. This is compounded by the fact that most men find extremely difficult to talk about, and will often fail to confront the problem.

Here’s three things you can do to help your man last longer in bed.

1. Talk to him

This is really important, but in truth, talking to their partner about his lasting time can be very difficult for most women. You should try to broach the subject subtly and confirm to him that you are satisfied with the overall relationship. Emphasize that it is an issue for the both of you to deal with and that you are willing to help. Don’t come across as angry or frustrated and definitely do not compare him to past lovers. Communication is the key. Once you and your man can communicate openly about the problem you will be well on the way to overcoming it.

2. Know the best positions

During intercourse, the position, speed and depth of penetration can make a big impact on your partner’s ability to delay ejaculation. It’s true that all men are different, but you will generally find that the women on top position gives your man the best chance of being able to last. This is mainly due to the man having to use fewer muscles around his pelvic area. This makes it easier for him to keep his ejaculatory muscles relaxed and controlled which is the key for him to delay climax. On the other hand, the man on top position is notoriously difficult for men with premature ejaculation and should be avoided until you man has improved his lasting ability.

It’s also important for you to go slow at the start. After the first minute or two the probability of your man being able to last will actually improve. Once you have given him a chance to get used to the sensation and become more comfortable you can then speed things up.

3. Get an expert’s advice

OK, I know that in all likelihood you man will be very reluctant to see an expert about the issue, but the truth is that they really can help. There are a number of sexual health professionals experienced in dealing with premature ejaculation. A good professional will be able to show your man a number of techniques to help him last longer in bed. These should include, breathing, relaxation and meditative techniques. He can also learn some ejaculatory control exercises that he can complete either on his own, or with you. In addition some mental control methods can also be very effective, especially when combines with the other techniques.

There is a lot more you can learn about helping your man last longer, but this is a good start. The important thing to remember is that with open communication, understanding and a little effort, it is possible for men with premature ejaculation to learn how to last longer in bed.

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