Commercial Cat Food – Are You Poisoning Your Beloved Cat?

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Commercial Cat Food – Are You Poisoning Your Beloved Cat?

Commercial cat food is killing your cat. This is not a joke but a hard core reality. In today’s modern environment and busy lifestyle, a commercial food is considered as the most popular product to feed cats by many cat owners across the globe. But the fact of the matter is that they are feeding fatal chemicals to their cats.

Such a meals contains various harmful ingredients such as intestines, udders, heads, hooves and possibly diseased and cancerous animal parts. This type of food is not considered convenient for cat consumption. It leads to number of implications and diseases among cats such as allergic skin disease, inflammatory bowel disease, kidney stones, ear infection and diabetes to name a few. Many chemicals are also added in order to improve the stability, taste or appearance of the food. Additives provide no nutritional value. The cheaper the brand, then generally the full of garbage it is.

The pet food industry is multi million dollar industry and full of hype and false claims. They often deceive the customers by advocating their products as premium, quality and natural. The consumers are made to believe they are feeding their pet’s healthy food but the truth is far from reality. The one and only object of the most of cat feed industry is to make profits and for this purpose they produce cheap and harmful products in order to extend their products shelf life. It is very unfortunate to know that some of the biggest names in pet food industry may be doing cats injustice or in some cases may actually be harming them.

If you really love your cat then you must give market products a miss. Instead, you should feed her with a raw meat diet with a little taurine sprinkled on top. Also, while purchasing for your cat keep in mind that the cats are not humans and their dietary requirements are different from that of humans.

The consumers must select a right quality bearing AAFCO guarantee label. Always consult an expert veterinarian. Homemade meals is considered to be a good alternative as it is relatively easier to prepare and also allows you to experiment with new flavors and ingredients. Use cooked ground meats such as chicken, turkey or beef for the protein. Enhance the longevity of cat by providing the best cat food. By doing this you will greatly reducing a chance of premature cat death.

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