What Weight Bench Should I Buy?

What Weight Bench Should I Buy

Weight benches are distinct in their design, construction, types, solidity, overall appearance and method of usage. Some benches are upright like narrow chairs with high, padded backs and some are flat. Weight benches vary to accommodate different types of exercises and programs.

Regardless of the dichotomy that exists between them, they all serve the same purpose of muscle-strengthening and body-building. Common types of weight benches are the flat bench, the adjustable weight bench, the Olympic weight bench, the folding weight bench, the abdominal bench and the preacher curl bench.

Several factors must be put into consideration when planning on buying a weight bench – ranging from financial, environmental, social and physical. Some of these factors include:

  1. The types of exercise and programs you wish to execute: Some programs require an inclined bench while some are done on flat benches. It all depends on your aim and what part of the body you are trying to build or work on.
  2. The purpose for which you are buying the weight: Whether for commercial purposes or for a home gym. It is expected that a bench that is to be used for commercial purposes (fitness center) should be strong and sturdy to withstand the workload as it will be used more frequently than a weight bench meant for home or domestic usage.
  3. What weight bench brand is to be purchased: It is an open secret that different brands of the same product vary in strength, durability, functions and design. It is therefore advisable to do a market survey or read several product reviews to determine the best available option before splashing the cash.
  4. The locality and nature of the proposed user: Some people love to travel or have to travel a lot whether for business purposes, for leisure, or for vacation. It is not advisable for an ardent traveler to buy a heavy flat weight bench – to avoid under usage. For folks who have to change location, position and environment frequently, a travel bench would be ideal.
  5. Physical nature/Physique of the proposed user (height, body weight, size, etc.): it would be inappropriate for a short person to splash the cash on a tall and long weight bench due to convenience and ease of usage.
  6. The intended product specification of the buyer is also a key factor and plays a key role in the decision-making process of weight bench purchases.
  7. The type of exercise and fitness program for which the weight bench is to be used: This is about the most important of all considerations to be made. Different weight benches accommodate varying types of exercises and work on different muscles. It is advised that you work out what sort of exercises you want to do with the bench and also which areas you want to work out before buying one.

A flat weight bench will engage your chest muscles and also your abs and is ideal for beginners. So, if you are just starting out, you may want to opt for a flat bench that will work on your chest and stomach muscles. This also depends on how you are lifting the weights, how heavy the weights are, and how many reps you are doing. An incline bench will give you more of a focus on your upper Pecs, whereas a decline bench will work more on your lower Pecs.

  1. The cost of the product and financial strength: This factor overrules the aforementioned ones as it is pertinent to cut your coats according to your size. You can only buy what you can afford regardless of your wishes.

After putting all the listed factors into consideration, regardless of what type or brand of weight bench you have opted for, there are certain features that a decent weight bench must possess – strength and solidity, good design and handsome looks, excellent construction and balance, ease of usage, ease of coupling and putting-together after the purchase.

In addition, your weight bench must be sturdy. If you were finding it difficult to make a decision on what weight bench to buy, I hope this article has helped you.