Weight Bench Brands

Weight Bench Brands

Manufacturing companies produce different items and products with distinct brand names.

A brand is simply a type of product manufactured by a particular company under a particular name. For instance, the car manufacturing company, Toyota produces a wide range of car brands such as the Camry, Corolla, Avensis, Yaris, Highlander, Venza, Fortuner, Hiace, and Matrix and so on. All these are types of products produced by the company Toyota.

Hence, they are brands of Toyota cars. Brands are used in business, marketing and advertising to distinguish one seller’s products from those of others. It is a name, a term, design, symbol, or other features that differentiate a product, service or even its provider.

Every manufacturer or producer of a product or service should know that brands are built through consumer perceptions, expectations and experiences. Companies make products and consumers make brands.

A product is made by a company and can be purchased by a consumer in exchange for money, but the general acceptance of that product type by the buyers and consumers is what promotes the brand.

Fitness experts and enthusiasts also have their own preferences and desired options when it comes to the purchase and use of a weight bench. A standard weight bench is arguably the most vital piece of equipment in any gym or fitness center.

Therefore, picking a good brand of bench is central to everything you want to achieve as far as your overall fitness and well-being is concerned. There are a large number of weight bench producing companies with diverse types of products and brands in the market.  Here are a few examples of weight bench brands, their specification as well as their essential features.

The New EN957 Approved Multifunction Weight Bench With Weight Set

Key Specification / Special Features

  • 60mm diameter heavy duty steel construction frame
  • Multi position backrest pad easy to adjust
  • Function: Incline, decline and flat bench press, leg developer, leg back curl, arm curl
  • Gross Weight: 59 kg
  • Net Weight: 56kg
  • 5F standard bar and 80Ibs weights

Home Use Adjustable Fitness Bench With Squat Rack

Key Specification / Special Features

  • Assembly size: 192 x 120 x 128 cm
  • Gross Weight: 59kg
  • Net Weight: 56kg
  • Width of the upright support: 118cm

Popular Style Multi-Function Body Vision Weight Bench

Key Specification / Special Features

  • Maximum user’s weight: 120kgs
  • 60 x 60mm heavy duty steel
  • Adjustable bar crutch and safety catch
  • Foldable to save storage space
  • Assembly size: 1820 x 1260 x 1450mm

Adidas Performance Flat Training Bench

Key Specification / Special Features

  • Oversized bench pad with 2.5-inch thick, high density foam
  • Large diameter steel tubing
  • Item Weight: 27.5 pounds
  • Origin: China
  • Shipping Weight: 33.2 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 43 x 16.5 x 19 inches

Rep Adjustable Bench

Key Specification / Special Features

  • Vinyl covered rollers to keep your legs locked in place during decline work
  • Heavy-duty 1000Ib rated adjustable weight bench, great for use with dumbbells smith machine, cage or power rack
  • Product Dimension: 56 x 21 x 11 inches
  • Item Weight: 85 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 88 pounds
  • 7 ladder positions from 85-degree incline to -20-degree decline and 4 different seat position adjustments

Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench

Key Specification / Special Features

  • Comes with Leg Developer, Crunch Handle and Preacher Curl
  • Product Dimensions: 76 x 56 x 55 inches
  • Item Weight: 78.5 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 86.5 pounds
  • Compatible with most 6’ and 7’ Weight Set Bars
  • Key Accessories Include: Olympic Plate Adapter, Spring clip for Leg Developer, Arm curl pad and Abs Crunch with foam grip handles attachment

PowerBlock Travel Weight Bench

Key Specification / Special Features

  • Travel workout bench with 2-by-3-inch, 14-gauge steel frame
  • Removable detainer pin lets you fold leg into travel positions
  • Product Dimensions: 40 x 18.5 x 15 inches
  • Item Weight: 29.6 pounds
  • Origin: U.S.
  • Perfect for chest presses and doing other flat bench exercises

Regardless of the specification and features, a good weight bench brand is judged by market traffic, how sturdy it is, solidity, design as well as its firmness.