Tips For Buying Your First Weight Bench for Home

Tips For Buying Your First Weight Bench for Home

When it comes to achieving a perfectly toned body, consistency is the key. But what if your day is too full to get yourself to the gym? Or what if you are too shy to exercise with others? Luckily, gym equipment is not just exclusive for gym owners to buy.

If you are planning to build a small gym inside your home, you should start with the basic gym necessities that includes a weight bench. Now, there are many types of weight benches to choose from. So as you begin your search for the cheapest weight bench under $100, keep the following tips in mind:

Determine what kind of program you are following

The different types of weight benches vary in purpose and usage. Knowing what exercises you are going to do helps you trim down the list as well as perform the workout you want to do every day.

For example, if you want a weight bench that is great for a beginner, then you should buy a flat weight bench or abdominal boards for training your abs. Should you want something for athletes, you should choose to buy an Olympic or a multipurpose weight bench.

Know how much weight the weight bench can handle

After determining your program, you should now look for a weight bench that can handle the amount of weight you want to lift. Of course, you want to ensure that what you are going to buy is sturdy enough for your daily use.

In order to do this, read the product description carefully as well as recent reviews about it. You might also want to check the negative reviews so that you will have an idea about what others dislike about that particular weight bench. Prioritize quality and don’t just buy because the weight bench is under $100; you are risking your health and safety here.

Choose a weight bench with a rack

A good weight bench is one that has a rack which makes lifting weights safer and easier for you, especially for beginners. Whenever you weightlift, your arms can rest right away by putting the weight on the racks instead of the floor.

And since you don’t have to put the weight on the ground, you can prevent injuries, too. You can also purchase a weight bench with a safety catcher on which you can rest the weight in case your arms are too tired to lift.

You don’t really have to spend a fortune to get the best weight bench possible because there are weight benches under $100 that are of good quality. Check them out as you read below.

Marcy Platinum Utility Bench

This product is a multipurpose weight bench. Get it for your home and do a variety of exercises whether it’s for your chest, legs, or abs. With its sturdy design and padding, you can dare to lift heavier weights.

The product is made of powder-coated steel and can be adjusted to four back positions. You can use it flat or military style, as well as inclined or declined to different angles. Lastly, the product is also foldable for easier storage.

Innova Deluxe Standard Weight Bench

This cheap standard weight bench from Innova offers versatility for beginners as well as active fitness enthusiasts. It has a bar holder to ensure safety while lifting weights and a leg developer so you can tone your lower body.

Though it is a standard weight bench, it allows you to do a variety of exercises, saving you money. You can adjust it to a declined position, flat, or inclined position.

Confidence Fitness Adjustable Weight Lifting Bench

Seems like you have plenty of options for a great weight bench under $100 because just like the first two, this one is also versatile. The adjustable weight bench from Confidence Fitness adjusts to different positions to cater to different intensity levels.

Equipped with a leg extension and bench press stations, you are sure to do a variety of workouts for the upper and lower body. To help minimize your discomfort during your exercise, this product comes with a comfortable seat and back pad for support. This is truly a well-rounded weight bench, great for your home.