PowerBlock Travel Weight Bench Review

PowerBlock Travel Weight Bench Review

Fitness enthusiasts and training experts are never willing to slow down on their course. However, there are situations and circumstances where they are unable to work out because they are out of the locality where their fitness centers or gym are.

The PowerBlock Travel Weight Bench has come to solve this problem. Whether you are in an oil rig, on the road or on a vacation on the Island, this training equipment is perfect for you as it helps you stay in shape at all times.

It is a weight bench that boasts a built-in handle and folds to only eight inches tall. This travel weight bench also features a comfortably padded top with easy-clean black vinyl and can hold up to 550 pounds.

The PowerBlock Travel Weight Bench is perfect for people who travel a lot or who have limited space at home but would like to keep fit without filling up the entire home.

Features of the PowerBlock Travel Weight Bench

  • It has a built-in shoulder strap for easy transport to and from car
  • Remover detainer pins let you fold legs into travel positions. The pins are attached to the bench with coils so they won’t get lost
  • Travel workout bench with 2-by-3 inch, 14-gauge steel frame
  • It is very sturdy, well made, handsome and padding is thick

Product Information

  • Dimensions measures: 40 x 18.5 x 15
  • Item Weighs: 29.6 pounds
  • Shipping Weight is pegged at: 29.6 pounds

Benefits of the PowerBlock Travel Weight Bench

  • It is perfect for use in a small space
  • The bench is easily folded for storage and portability
  • It is compact and you may not need to use the fold up feature
  • Seat leather is fine quality
  • It has a great metal handle which makes it very easy to transport and it does not wobble
  • It comes with a nice protective packaging and it is not too heavy

The PowerBlock Travel Weight Bench has an impressive rating among fitness enthusiasts, with an overall rating of 4.5 stars on Amazon. In fact, more than 60% of reviewers gave this Weight Bench a perfect 5-star rating.

Many users and purchasers of this item were united in their praise of the PowerBlock Travel Weight Bench, especially because it can be stored away out of sight when not in use and it looks very nice and is well made.

The solid construction and the effective delivery were also lauded. The fact that the package arrived without any shipping damage impressed many buyers. The bench is firm without side to side movements.

Things to be Aware Of

  • Price – depending on your budget, terrific price point. Absolute top quality for the price
  • The pin keep the legs in place and there is no fear of collapse
  • The Travel Weight Bench may be a tad short for a tall person
  • The PowerBlock Travel Weight Bench comes with 2 options – with expert assembly or without expert assembly. However, the former comes at an extra cost. The expert will assemble your product at a time that works for you and ensure that your assembled product is carefully inspected for safety
  • It’s not great for inclines as there is only one setting and you will have to sit on the ground

However, a couple of buyers were not impressed with their purchase and registered their displeasure on some issues. Some of them frowned at what they termed poor customer relationship after they complained about a couple of manufacturing defects.

One user of the product lamented that it was impossible to insert one of the two locking pins through-and-through when the bench has its legs upright. Another set of users also complained that the bench was kind of low and feels kind of short and that it didn’t have a packing list or instructions on how to break it down.

Bottom Line

The PowerBlock Travel Weight Bench is good value for just under $130. It is easy to fold and carry about, stores easily and is very sturdy. All in all, this Travel Weight Bench is a quality flat bench at a decent enough price.

Although not all users were impressed, a larger percentage of them were satisfied, especially because it didn’t wobble and it was certainly sturdier than they expected.