Best Penis Pump – Penis Pump Reviews & Buyers Guide 2016

Best Pump ( May 2017) - Bathmate X20   (close No.2 - Penomet)

 bathmate photo
Bathmate X20
penomet photo
Rating5 star rate4,5 star rate
Water/Air VacuumBothBoth
Cylinder Length8”8”
Seals/Sleeves1 attached 1 with standard, 3 with extra, 5 with premium
Color OptionsBlue, Red, ClearBlue, Clear, Green, Pink, Violet, Orange
WarrantyNo Questions Asked
Money Back Guarantee
1 year
Money Back Guarantee14 day returns60 days
PriceStarts from: $110

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Starts from: $127

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Updated May, 2017: It’s every guy’s wish and desire to achieve strong erections and have the fullest, healthiest penis they can possibly have. Finding the best penis pump requires studying the best penis pump reviews and we’ve done all the hard work for you – read on…

As a man, your sexual health is not only an important aspect of your overall health and wellness, maintaining your sexual health also helps define you as a man, gives you self confidence, and gives you an air of youth and vigor. In recent years, men in their 40’s, 50’s, and sometimes even younger have been exposed to all kinds of marketing for penis enlargement pills, erectile dysfunction medication, and other sexual health supplements. It can be difficult to know how to determine if you really need any of these and which is right for you.


Penis Pump Reviews

Another product marketed at men who want to take control of their sexuality and sexual health is the penis enlargement pump. What are penis pumps? How can you decide which is best to purchase?


Consider the following comparisons of a few popular penis pumps to find out more about these products and decide which would be a good fit for you.


Penis Pumps – Do They Work?


If you are skeptical about the idea of using an enlargement pump, you are not alone. Many men are unfamiliar with these devices and have only heard of them in movies or jokes. Before you decide that all pumps are just some funny sex toy, you should learn more about how they are designed and how they should be used properly.


Pumps are made to give you a stronger, longer lasting, larger erection. They are usually crafted with a main cylindrical chamber which fits over your penis with a seal at the base that creates a vacuum. Using either water or air, you apply pressure to chamber which in turn enlarges your erection. Using a pump usually takes about 10-20 minutes depending on the model you are using. The increase in size you experience after using a pump typically lasts for a few hours, though some pump manufacturers claim that long term use leads to permanent penis extension.


How do Penis Pumps work?


Penis pumps are easy to use. They work principally on vacuum pressure. Once the penis is placed into the cylinder, negative pressure is created drawing out air allowing blood to flow into the penis. Once the erection is achieved, the constriction band is pulled to the base of the penis. This band helps to retain the erection for the period of intercourse.


There are mechanical and electrical pumps. Mechanical pumps are manually operated. These are suitable for beginners as they are user controlled. They come in different cylindrical sizes too (from 1.5 to 4 inches diameters). For a pump to work effectively, you have to obtain accurate measurements of your penis to be able to purchase the correct size.


Mechanical pumps have a squeezable handles that are used to operate the pump. These handles control the pressure and pace of pumping. They require both hands to operate. As one hand holds the device in position, the other operates the squeezing part. Be sure to monitor the pressure levels while pumping to protect your penis from injury. The simplest way to check that you are don disappoint herwithin the right pressure range is to use a pressure gauge and observe physical changes in color of the penis. If the skin starts to go purple it means the pressure is too much. Manufacturers often recommend a suitable pressure limit for their products. Pumping should be timed. Each pumping set should not exceed 15 minutes. With time, 2 to 3 minutes will be adequate to achieve a good erection. It is also recommended to release the pump every 10 to 15 minutes to allow for fresh flow of blood to the penis. The best way to use a penis pump is to apply pressure gradually to avoid pain from sudden expansion.


Electric pumps are battery –powered and are more costly and sophisticated than manual pumps. Most electric pumps are fitted with a pressures gauge and are operated just by switching them on. These have been found to be convenient for people with poor physical strength or dexterity. Electric pumps are designed to slowly build up pressure so are less likely to cause injuries.


The new entrants, Hydro-pumps or water-assisted pumps seem to be rapidly gaining popularity among users worldwide. Hydro- pumps are versatile, comfortable and safe to use. Hydro pumps have taken up a huge market share in the male enhancement industry over the recent years. Among the top brands are Penomet and Bathmate. The use of water limits the overall amount of pressure it generates which makes it safer as compared to traditional penis pumps. With hydro pumps it is almost impossible to over-pump. Proper usage of the pump is all in the technique. If done correctly, the most uncomfortable sensation should feel more like a drag-pull’ than a constricting or stinging pain.


The History of Enlargement Pumps


The use of penis pumps dates as far back as 1870. It was not popular until the 1960s. The design and size of the pump has changed over the centuries. However, the pumping concept has been the same. It was used to treat impotence only at that time. ED was viewed as a disease that made men weaker. The first pump was had a cylinder with a big metal pump. During this time pumps were only utilized for medicinal purposes.


After the 1960s, a period which saw a revolution in sexual attitudes and practices, the pump moved to the realm of sexual enjoyment. People started exploring different sexual tastes. The sex pump was hereby viewed as a sex toy and became morecouple having sex acceptable in this era. The rapid development of sex industries saw an increase in manufacture of pumps and a consequent price drop.


In the years following 2000, penis pumps became widely used and accepted. The design also improved to make them more portable and efficient. Pumps evolved from manual machines to electronic devices.


The year 2014 saw an evolution of pumps to water-assisted devices that could be used either dry or wet. These new generation pumps are designed to minimize the side effects of pump use as much as possible. Experts have pointed out the effectiveness of hydro pumps in not only treating ED but also in penis enlargement. Penis enlargement occurs after long term use. Hydro pumps are more convenient because they can be used in more private areas like the bathroom. They are less painful compared to air vacuum devices. You don’t need to suffer from ED to use this pump. Men are not the same. Some can retain an erection longer than others. A satisfying sex life can lead to success in many other areas of life. Also a man is more inclined to deliver to a woman’s expectations. There is nothing wrong with using the pump maintain a longer lasting erection to boost your confidence in the bedroom.


How to Choose the Right Pump


These are the basic considerations when choosing an appropriate penis pump.

· The very first step is to identify the purpose for which you need the pump.

· Get the right measurement of your penis. It does not matter if you think you have an abnormal size. Every man always thinks that about their penis. This will be vital in choosing the cylinder size.

· Always choose a pump with a transparent cylinder. This will give you a better chance at monitoring the physical changes in penis coloration. It will also ensure that you monitor pressure levels as you proceed.

· While most pumps are fitted with pressure gauges, others aren’t. Make a point of purchasing a pressure gauge together with the pump if the pump doesn’t have one.

· Choose the appropriate cylinder size for your penis size. The cylinder size will give you a rough idea on the constriction ring size that might work for you. An effective vacuum is created in an air tight environment. If you get a bigger cylinder size the vacuum mechanism might not work after all. Over time, as the penis becomes enlarged you will feel better with the progress you have made. The general rule is to choose a cylinder that is a quarter an inch larger than the erect girth to leave room for expansion.

· Find out about how the pump is used before you purchase it. The mechanisms that it uses that will help to you to determine where and when you want to use.

· Pumps come in various price ranges. Whether you are working on a small budget always find out the components of the pump and decide whether it suits you or not.

More specifically, a pump aimed for enlargement should be preferably one with a straight cylinder. For those that are looking to increase the length, choose a cylinder equal to your penis girth so that during pumping only vertical expansion is possible.


What Makes Water Penis Pumps Superior?


The pumps rely on a unique water mechanism to create suction. The science behind the functioning of water aided pumps makes extenze pillsthem safer, comfortable and convenient to use. Water penis pumps can be safely and painlessly used by beginners with very satisfying results. They guarantee both girth and length expansion. Hydro pumps allow for even blood flow in the penis giving a more natural enlargement. It therefore prevents uneven enlargement over prolonged use ( a common side effect with air pumps). No wonder there has been an increase in hydro pump sales and use despite their higher cost implications. This is probably because people will spend any amount of money on a product that offers guaranteed results. Penis pump reviews put Penomet at the top of the list of preferred water penis pumps followed by Bathmate.


Top 10 Best Penis Pumps – Our Penis Pump Reviews


Like penis pumps, men’s needs vary greatly in category. Settling on a specific brand can be a daunting task for most people with the multiple options the market offers. This section provides comprehensive information on Penis Pump reviews-An in-depth look at the Best penis pumps in descending order:


1. Penomet

This water pump provides a simple and innovative solution to erectile dysfunction and male organ enhancement needs. The Penomet looks good and is portable with a transparent cylinder that allows for easy tracking of penile physical changes. If you like to add spice to your life, Penomet cylinders are available in various colors that are sufficiently transparent. This is a sophisticated pump that is easy to use and makes it almost impossible to misuse. The Penomet package includes an exercise plan to guide you on the usage and desired results. The Penis pumps before and after use results will be visible in less than a week. It consists of a gaitor system’ (a system of five rubber rings) that allows you to gradually increase pressure.

The Penomet has excellent satisfaction and safety credentials. It is a true mark of excellence that complies with European Union manufacturing standards having been tested for two years before its release into the market.

The industry has bestowed some recent honors on Penomet, specifically the German Best New Male Enhancement Device 2013 and the Venus Award for Best New Product 2013. The cylinder itself is made from a nearly indestructible plastic and the gaiters are manufactured with medical grade silicon. The cylinder has a measurement guide printed directly on it in both inches and centimeters so that you can keep track of your Penomet results.


Penomet Testimonial


Who recommend penomet pump


While you might find the attachable pressure gaiters to be easy to lose or confusing, they are the key to the unique design of Penomet. The manufacturers recommend that you start with the lower pressure gaiters and gradually move up to the higher pressure gaiter to see larger erections and greater penis length gains. They also recommend some male enlargement exercises that you can do with your pump.

Some takeaways from Penomet reviews include:

    • Easy to use
    • Simple design
    • Detachable pressure gaiters help you notice gains and enlargement over time
    • Price – $127 for the Standard Pump, $197 for 2 additional gaiters, $297 for the premium kit
    • 60 day money back guarantee
    • Lifetime warranty

UPL Distribution GmbH

2. Bathmate

Closely following the Penomet, Bathmate is also a hydro pump designed to have definite effects on penis size and erection quality. Unlike other pumps that increase penis size by expanding the foreskin, the Bathmate expands the overall size of the penis. It can be used in the shower. It is easy and safe to use because it exerts pressure evenly. Both Bathmate and Penomet have money back guarantees if you are not satisfied with the results within a given period of time. There are two Bathmate varieties; the Hercules and Goliath. The Hercules suits most men. The Goliath, as its name suggests, is much bigger in length and width. It is also heavier than the Hercules.

The Bathmate is fitted with a pressure gauge that indicates levels of pressure from 90-200mm. The Bathmate cylinders also come in transparent red, blue, pink and clear colors. A separate cleaning kit can also be ordered for proper maintenance of the device.

Top Benefits:

    • Easy to use
    • Gets you a strong erection
    • Great design and well-made
    • Price – around $110



3. The Vibrating Big Man’s Pump

This is basically an air vacuum pump with vibrating capabilities. This is primarily designed for treatment of erectile dysfunction. The vibrating mechanism enhances the experience by stimulating nerve endings in addition to promoting better blood flow. It has a longer cylinder than most pumps. It contains measurement guidelines on the main cylinder. It features three silicone sleeves that offer a comfortable experience as it does not pull the skin at the base. The silicone sleeves are long lasting and do not wear out after repeated use. It requires only 2 AA batteries and is very cost effective. The accessories you choose will determine the price of the pump. You might want to consider buying this one if you are hoping to spend less than $100.


4. Sinclair Endow

It is effective in treating ED. It is also an air pump that is battery powered. It has been long used as a sex toy to aid in boosting libido. The battery powered quick release pump regulates pressure conveniently in a timely manner. It has four constriction rings made of TPR jelly, designed to hold an erection for up to 30 minutes. The silicone pumping sleeves feel comfortable to the skin and are removable, which makes it easier to clean. Unlike the vibrating pump, this one uses 4 AA batteries which is more expenses incurred over time. It also offers a purchase warranty of up to 90 days on malfunctioning parts if bought from an authorized supplier.


5. X4 Pumps

Created by X4 Labs, these air vacuum pumps are safe for daily use. It is a medical- grade pump. It is a fairly priced pump fitted with an external pressure meter. This pump comes in a favorable size and design for ED treatment. It has a soft TPE ring with a flexible hose. It consists of a quick release valve that prevents injury to the penis and testicles. The cylinder is clear and is 8 inches long. Which means it can accommodate various penis sizes. The major undoing of this pump is the thin rubber seal that comes with it. It cannot stand prolonged use. You might have to more on upgraded seal over a short period.


6. Size Doctor Electric Pump

This s a product of Converter Lab. It consists of a tube in a 2 by 8 inch vacuum cylinder. It is also a battery powered air vacuum pump with 3 tension rings. It is a medical –grade pump that is designed to treat ED by stimulating the penis sensations.


7. Precision Penis Pumps

It is a simple manual air assisted vacuum pump with a canal diameter of 2.25 made of plastic. The set consists of a flexible hose, a cylinder, an internal seal, an ergonomic hand held bulb with erection boosting constriction rings. It has a latex seal that provides an air-tight environment. The cylinder is built with a precision scale for measuring pressure. Ordinarily, manual pumps are the cheapest pumps available going below $20.


8. Encore Deluxe Battery and Manual Vacuum Pump

This one features both manual and electric pumping mechanisms. It is best used for treatment of erectile dysfunction. The cylinder is able to fit various penis sizes. It provides one of the most affordable solutions to men’s impotence. The tension rings come in varying sizes to enable beginners to try out and settle on a more suitable band size. It comes with a detailed user manual and instructional DVD for easy and accurate use. The best thing about this pump is that it has a lifetime warranty on the pumps and cylinder. The major back draw is that you are required to use both hands to operate it and this might be cumbersome for first time users. Also, people with low energy and poor motor coordination might find this a little challenging. Although most cylinders are 8 inches long, oversized pumps are also available on order.


9. Vacurect Vacuum Erection Devices

This is a convenient one-piece pump that is designed to achieve results in as little as one minute. To operate it, a lubricant is required to ease operation and reduce friction to the foreskin. It also comes with 5 different sizes of durable constriction bands which make it suitable for beginners who might not know which size will work for them. It is operated manually with a natural pumping mechanism. Out of all men suffering from erectile dysfunction, a few can afford costly interventions. This pump offers a cheaper alternative.


10. ErecAid Esteem Manual Erection Pump

This is a manual medical –grade vacuum pump designed purely for correction of erectile dysfunction. The design allows for single hand operation. It also features an easy to handle contoured handle. This pump comes with an assortment of 4 constriction bands. The user manual and DVD makes it easy to use for most people.



In choosing penis pumps, apart from the budget consideration you should get a deeper understanding of how various penis pumps work. Always purchase reputable brands as they are likely to have properly tested their products. Also, results of these tests are publicized through most scientific media. These brands also adhere to international quality and safety standards. Information on these standards can be found widely over the internet. It is worth noting that wrong usage of pumps can lead to detrimental effects. Some users have reported having a bloated looking penis after prolonged use. This is common among manual pump users because the pressure is regulated by the user. If the user over-pumps it might lead to rupture of vessels in the penis.

Among the best penis pumps in the market Penomet and Bathmate take the lead in both delivery of results and safety of use. Most users of these two water assisted pumps have expressed satisfaction with the achieved results. These pumps come highly recommended for users of all ages. They are said to be quick and temporary solutions with long lasting benefits. Whenever you are fishing around for the right pump,it helps to look around and explore what the market has to offer in terms of technology,variety and convenience.Price is always a factor,but never let it take precedence over other more important considerations.





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