Do I Need A Weight Bench? 5 Reasons Why You Need to Buy A Weight Bench

Do I Need A Weight Bench

Do you want to buy the best exercise equipment? One frequent question on online workout equipment forums is, “do I need a weight bench?” When carrying out serious workouts, one device that you should consider purchasing is a weight bench.

The reason is that this device comes with many additional features that ensure you maximize your workout sessions. For instance, you can choose the adjustable weight bench that increases workout precision.

The result is that you target all your muscle groups. Bear in mind that whether you’re designing a home gym or simply want to buy a weight bench with its set of free weights, a weight bench is one device that you need to complete your setup.

Weight benches come in various designs and options for add-on equipment, which enables you to get the best of your workouts. This article looks at why you need a weight bench and factors to consider.

Target muscle groups

One reason why you need a weight bench is that it enables you to target various muscle groups. For instance, you can conduct the rear deltoid dumbbell row while in a sitting position to target your rear deltoid muscle in an easier way than when standing, because the body has more stability when in a seated position.


If you are a new weight trainer, you need a weight bench to eliminate issues such as struggling to remember the proper technique, posture and breathing guidelines. Bear in mind that one bad practice is trying to use your body momentum to perform exercises such as the body curl.

Workout options

You can use the weight bench as a device for pushups, the mat for abdominal exercises and as a step for step ups. You can also use the gym weight bench to carry out basic cardio exercises, for example, burpees.

Muscle hyperextension

Weight bench enables you to perform different muscle hyperextension workouts, which is usually a difficult movement to perform. You do this on the gym weight benches. This exercise enables you to improve your posture, core stability and strengthen your lower back muscles.

Support for heavy lifters

Another reason why you need a weight bench is if you require support when lifting heavy weights. The weight bench gives you more confidence to focus on your muscles without having a fear of losing control or balance during the movements.

Factors to consider in buying the best weight bench

When purchasing the best adjustable weight bench, make sure it is well balanced and sturdy to avoid those that become wobbly after a period of use since they will be unsafe for heavy weights.

Consider those build with steel and heavy-gauge tubing. Look for those with power-coating because they are more durable than other models. When buying, check their specifications and to find out how much weight they can handle.

Another factor to check is their adjustability. The best ones should offer 4-6 pre-set positions, which allow you to have full types of workouts with a decline, flat and incline angle. This design enables you to target your body’s different muscles efficiently. Bear in mind that the better the adjustability, the more you will build your muscles.

Check the style of the weight bench you intend to buy because they come in two categories: weight benches with racks, and utility benches, which are without racks. Utility weight benches are budget friendly and adjustable in most cases, but are fixed and flat. They are mostly for carrying out dumbbell exercises and won’t require too much hardware to set them up.

On the other hand, benches with racks are best for heavy lifters. You can use barbells for your weightlifting training, which ensures you have more stability for the compound movements.

The weight bench with racks offers you a safety catch to return the weights at the end of your lifting, a feature that is lacking in utility benches. Another benefit of racked benches is that they can come either separated or fixed.


If you are searching for answers to the question of whether you need a weight bench, the above information should make it easier for you to buy one. Make sure you read online reviews from users who have already purchased different brands of weight benches to enable you to choose the best adjustable weight bench.