It Did What? Top 10 Best Male Enhancement Products Reviewed

Best Pump ( May 2017) - Bathmate X20   (close No.2 - Penomet)

best male enhancement

With So Many Different Products Claiming To Be The Best Male Enhancement Out There …How Do You Choose?? Read Our Complete List Of Un-Sponsored, Unbiased Reviews Below BEFORE Pulling Out Your Wallet And Trying These Yourself

…Pills, devices, supplements …even surgery! Every day it seems like the new ‘best male enhancement product’ is launched, promising to give you bigger, better benefits.

But the question is – which of these products actually works (and of those that work, which is the BEST)??

The fact is that some help, many don’t, and some work well but not for everyone.

So, does that mean you’re out of luck when looking to increase your size or performance? Not at all.

You can try supplements formulated with ancient aphrodisiac recipes, you can try exercises, and you can try products proven to be effective when used correctly.

But before you head over to buy anything, read over our complete list of the top 10 best male enhancement products and most popular around the web.

The more you know about these products, the better you’re able to make a decision based on cost, effectiveness, and results you’re aiming to get.

Let’s face it: many of the products out there are just ways to get your money – and don’t provide any real benefits.

That’s why it’s important to do your research beforehand and read as many unbiased reviews as possible! Knowledge is power. (Knowledge can also save you a ton of money)

Here are our Top 10 Best Male Enhancement Picks:


1: Vimax 

Vimax Supplements

Vimax Supplements

First on the list is Vimax, an oldie-but-goodie male enhancement supplement out there. According to their website, Vimax Pills have been ordered by over 1,000,000 men worldwide. With such a large volume of orders, some of these customers must be seeing results.

Their product offers great benefits like increased stamina and endurance in bed from taking once daily. Vimax asserts on their website that their product has ZERO side effects and is safe for men of all ages, but I always like to be safe and I wouldn’t recommend you go over the recommended daily dosage – just like with any other supplement you’re taking. Some guys report headaches and sleeplessness from taking more than the recommended amount, so that’s worth a note.

Vimax supplements work by increasing blood flow, leading to the great benefits a good male enhancement product should offer: a better erection, more stamina, and better performance! The company claims results can happen within as little as one week of supplementation, with other benefits outlined in a 9+ week plan below, taken from their official website:

  • Weeks 1-4 You may notice a significant increase in sexual desire and stamina (as showed by a Vimax Team survey with over 9000 participants).
  • Weeks 5-8 You might feel an improvement in your performance and satisfaction during sexual intercourse (80% of surveyed men report such benefits).
  • Weeks 9+ You should reach your full potential by this point. Your partner should also start to feel more satisfaction during sexual activity.

As for price, Vimax is comparable in price to ExtenZe (the godfather of male enhancement supplements) and ProSolution – both of which we’ll go over on this list. For 59.95, you get a one-month supply of Vimax, and the company offers a great 60-day money back guarantee if you don’t see results (It’s not cheap at nearly $2 USD per pill, but certainly not the most expensive option out there either).

What you get: Increased stamina, better performance, firmer erection

Cost: $59.95 for 1-month supply

Side effects: Mild side-effects after over-use can be observed including nausea, sleepiness, and digestion issues

Main ingredients: Vitamin E, Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Powder & Ginseng

Active ingredients from Vimax official website:

Supplement Facts
Vitamin E

Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Powder


Cayenne Pepper

Saw Palmetto 45% Fatty Acids

Oat Straw Extract 10:1 (Avena Sativa)

Rice Flour

Contains NO yeast, wheat gluten, corn, milk/dairy, sodium, sugar, artificial coloring, preservatives or flavoring.

Overall Rating: 5/5 


2: BathMate Hydro Pump 

Bathmate Hydro-pump


If you’re after more than just increased sexual stamina and performance in bed, it’s worth it to check out Bathmate.

This company is well-known for engineering pumps designed to gradually increase penis length and girth at home.

“In addition to providing you with a larger penis, regular use helps you keep your penis in top health, leading to harder, longer lasting erections and increased sexual satisfaction: a real boost to your self esteem and sexual confidence.” – From Bathmate official website

The pump itself is made up of several parts – a rubber circle (called a gaiter) that connects to a long cylindrical tube where you insert your penis after filling the tube with water. At the top of the pump is a pressure valve, and along the sides you’ll see a measurement system.

The idea behind the Bathmate and other hydro-pumps is that the water distributes the suction power evenly across your penis. However, there are some concerns from users I’ve found that explain why this device can be effective, but it should be used with caution.

Follow these simple steps to use your Bathmate effectively:

  1. Start by taking a shower or a bath as normal, letting yourself relax for a few minutes and warm up.
  2. Fill the pump with water while holding the end of the pressure valve so water doesn’t leak out. Wait until it is completely filled.
  3. After completely filling the pump, insert your member in it, taking care to keep as much air out as possible.
  4. Press the end of this gadget to your pelvis to ensure as much of your shaft is inside as possible. Make sure you make a tight seal at the bottom of the pump.
  5. Take your fingers off the pressure valve and slowly start pumping. Keep the pump pressed against the base with a tight seal to avoid losing suction.
  6. You will feel the tension growing inside your penis, and you may need to re-pump every couple of minutes to sustain it.

Read This BEFORE Using: Wait for no more than 20 minutes before releasing! 20 minutes is the maximum time the company recommends here, and many new users report pain or discomfort using the Bathmate for this long. For beginners it’s recommended to keep sessions short (~5 mins), and increase time and number of reps slowly over a few months. Treat it like going to the gym, starting slow to avoid injury, and you’ll be fine! Results are usually visible immediately after use.

Here’s a quick video showing how to easily use the Bathmate at home:

The Bathmate Hercules ($109.93) is the original ‘Hydropump,’ and according to their website ranks as the world’s best selling penis enlargement device, used by thousands of men in over 70 countries. There are now 5 other models you can choose from that vary in price and size range: The Goliath ($193.00), The Hydromax X30 ($158.00), The Hydromax X40 ($193.00), and The X30 & X40 Xtreme ($299.90 – $349.92).

What you get: Firmer erections, more length & girth (results vary)

Cost: Starting model price is $109.93

Side effects: Possible pain or discomfort from overuse

Made from medical-grade safe materials

Overall Rating: 5/5


3: ProSolution 

ProSolution Supplements

ProSolution Supplements

ProSolution is another male enhancement supplement out there that provides sexual stimulation, harder erections, and an overall increase in pleasure during the act.

It’s a lot like Vimax and ExtenZe with slight variations in ingredients, which include: solidilin, butea superba, Korean ginseng, arjuna, zinc (zinc oxide specifically helps increase seminal fluids and testosterone levels), and reishi mushroom, among others.

The company offers a 12 month supply of the product for $399, plus bonus gifts and free shipping, which is a significant savings if you know the product works and you want to continue using it.
Prosolution advertises their supplements as a natural alternative to prescription pills that may take up to an hour to ‘kick in.’ The company claims that their fast-acting formula results in better sexual performance for those times when spontaneity is key.

“The secret is in the formulation which has evolved over the last decade as new university studies and clinical trials have been released about both newly discovered herbals and ancient aphrodisiacs.” – From Prosolution

Overall there are lots of testimonial reviews available online from those who have tried these pills. However, third party review sites are somewhat lacking in information about the experiences of the customers who were/were not satisfied with the product. Some guys claim that they have already achieved their best performance to as little as 2 weeks of continued use.

Unlike our other male enhancement pills, you’ll need to take two pills instead of one a day to see benefits. This, along with a few ingredients such as solidilin (which may be harmful with overuse), makes it less worthwhile in my opinion.

BUT, many men have been satisfied using this product, and it doesn’t seem to have negative feedback like other products on this list, so Prosolution may be worth a shot! Especially with a 67-day money back guarantee.

What you get: Firmer erection, more pleasure, better performance overall

Cost: $59.95 for a 1-month supply

Side effects: May affect blood pressure conditions, headache, nausea

Main ingredients: Solidilin, butea superba, Korean ginseng

Overall Rating: 3/5


4: JES Extender 

JES Extender best male enhancement

JES Extender

You may have heard of the JES Extender, or maybe not. Either way, it’s worth putting on the list as a popular, effective penis enlarger on the market today.

Originally, the JES Extender was developed by Dr. Jorn Ege Siana, a Danish plastic surgeon. Dr. Siana knew that cytokinesis, the process by which your cells divide and multiply over time when stretched, was helpful for treating burn victims or even to lengthen a limb that’s shorter than the other.

He decided to apply the same technology to the growing male enhancement industry (yes, pun intended), and he was surprised at the results! Penis extenders were born.

To use the JES Extender (and other similar extenders) you follow 3 simple steps:

  1. First, you position your penis through the ring and extender bars.
  2. Next, place the head of your penis through the silicone bands, then pull the band down to fasten securely.
  3. Finally, you adjust the amount of traction force on the device based on the schedule provided by the manufacturer, for safety and optimal results.

The market is really saturated with dubious methods for penile enlargement, but the JES Extender seems like a safe, effective options for guys out there looking to increase their length (without resorting to surgery).

According to the company, the JES Extender can be worn underneath loose pants around the house, and eventually for longer periods of time the more you use it. The longer you use it, the more results you’ll see!

“Increasing the penile size with the Jes-Extender does not affect the daily life – it is possible to have sex as usual while being on the program. Thanks to its comfortable and lightweight design, the Jes-Extender can be worn during sleep and the day under loose pants.” – From JES Extender official website

What you get: More length, also helps with Peyronie’s disease (results vary)

Cost: Introductory model price is $209.99

Side effects: Possible injury from over-extension (follow their safety guide and you should be fine!)

Overall Rating: 4/5


5: ExtenZe 

ExtenZe Supplements best male enhancement

ExtenZe Supplements

Overall, ExtenZe is by far the most popular male enhancement product on the market. At some point in your lifetime, you will have seen an ExtenZe commercial pop up on your TV or computer screen.

Over the 17 years ExtenZe has been on the market, over 2 BILLION pills have been sold – thanks to popular celebrity endorsements from porn stars like Ron Jeremy, and former Dallas Cowboys head coach Jimmy Johnson.

ExtenZe is an herbal supplement that promotes an improved sexual experience. This is a sort of vague term, so what do they mean by it? Basically, ExtenZe claims you’ll experience better orgasms, an improved libido, and a firm, long-lasting erection your partner will enjoy!

Their formula is definitely more extensive than similar products out there, with over 20 powerful herbal ingredients specifically for male enhancement benefits. Though many of these ingredients, such as zinc, ginger, and folate (Vitamin B9) are seen in other products like VigRX.

Like Vimax, you’ll pay $59.95 for a month’s supply of ExtenZe, which is close to $2 USD per pill. But the company does offer a 60-day money back guarantee and discounts on larger orders (plus extra stuff for free!).

Over the last few years, the makers of ExtenZe – Biotab Nutraceuticals Inc. – has faced several lawsuits for false advertisement (those exaggerated benefits you may have seen in commercials), fraudulent business practices and adverse effects. Oops!

We even found a report from several healthy users that complained taking ExtenZe induced intense heart palpitations, body temperature spikes, blood pressure problems, nausea and vomiting. Some men reported experiencing allergic reactions like skin rashes and even mood changes after taking ExtenZe.

So, unlike the commercials which imply an increase in size, you’re not likely to get it from ExtenZe. However, if you’re looking for a boost in your sexual performance and pleasure, ExtenZe is one of the more well-known options out there. Just make sure you read the fine print!

What you get: Firmer erection, better performance, more stamina

Cost: $59.95 for a 1-month supply

Side effects if any: Some users reported blood pressure problems, allergic reactions, and mood changes

Main ingredients: Zinc, ginger, folate (vitamin B9)

Overall Rating: 2/5


6: AlphaMAXX 

AlphaMAXX Supplements best male enhancement

AlphaMAXX Supplements

AlphaMAXX is a recent newcomer to the male enhancement market. Popular on Amazon, this supplements comes in a 30-day supply (2 capsules recommended daily dosage) for significantly cheaper than competitors at $21.95.
This product seems like a good choice specifically for guys interested in trying natural testosterone boosters as a support supplement. The company’s official website also features a pretty comprehensive list of information about the ingredients, which is sometimes difficult to find for other male enhancement products – so their transparency is refreshing.

They don’t seem to offer a 30-day money back guarantee at the time of writing this – like so many other supplements out there – but their product does come with a 14-day money back guarantee. Other than standard advice about consulting your doctor is you’re on heart medications, this product doesn’t seem to have any documented adverse side effects either.

These supplements are for sexual performance primarily, so size increases are advertised but not typical. But reviewers seem to generally find this supplement a good addition to their sex life, like our reviewer Andrew N. below:

“I am currently on my second week of using Alpha Maxx, and I am enjoying the energy it gives. While working out I don’t feel tired and more energized, and even more in the bedroom. This product works and I look forward to continuing using it in the future.”

Overall, with powerful ingredients like ginseng, muira puama, zinc, maca, and tribulus, AlphaMAXX combines a lot of natural performance-boosting extracts into one supplement at a price that’s hard to beat!

What you get: Firmer erection, better stamina and performance

Cost: $21.95 for a 1-month supply

Side effects: Not intended for anyone with high blood pressure or heart problems

Main ingredients: Ginseng, muira puama, tribulus

Overall Rating: 4/5


7: VigRX Plus 

VigRX Plus Supplements best male enhancement

VigRX Plus Supplements

You may have already seen VigRX around the web or in magazines. Their potent supplement formula includes damiana, Ginkgo leaf, ginseng, muira pauma, and saw palmetto extracts.

VigRX wants you to think an investment in their supplements is an investment in ongoing satisfaction and quality of life – including an increase in size – but does their male enhancement product live up to the claims?

Reported benefits from taking VigRX include everything across the board, from improved libido, firmer erections, and enhanced satisfaction. But does it increase length or girth noticeably? Well, the short answer is we’re not sure. Some men report an increase in size, but most report this supplement helps with overall sexual performance and satisfaction.

But, you’re going to be paying more for this one too, at $76.99 for a one-month supply. However, if you decide to order more than that, you’ll get a significant discount (and extra bonus stuff for free!).

VigRX supplements contain some clinically proven male enhancement ingredients that are not known to cause adverse side effects and can be used safely over the long term. So overall, VigRX doesn’t live up to the claims of size increase, but it’s still an effective option out there for a performance boost!

What you get: Firmer erections, improved libido, & enhanced satisfaction

Cost: $76.99 for a 1-month supply

Side effects if any: However, these substances can cause mild side-effects such as insomnia, rash, headaches, and tiredness.

Main ingredients: Damiana, Ginkgo leaf, ginseng, muira pauma

Overall Rating: 3/5


8: Penomet

Penomet best male enhancement


Penomet, the second water-assisted pump on our list, is used by thousands of men to increase their size and length with continued use.

The manufacturer behind Penomet is UPL Distribution LLC, based in Switzerland. They have a good track record over the years offering their products to the global market. The company also manufactures health care and adult novelty products.

The Penomet also include the option of interchangeable gaiters (the suction-like part at the base of the device) – so you have a flexible enlargement pump with multiple options. This is a big plus in my book.

The company even claims their product provides an increase of up to 3 inches in length and 30% enlargement in girth. Not a small claim!
Like our previous review of the BathMate pump, the Penomet should be used with water. The idea is that conventional air pumps will compress and expand the air around the penis unevenly. Water pumps are supposed to provide evenly-distributed pressure all around. The company also offers 5 interchangeable gaiters that allow you to gradually and safely increase the pressure of the device.

The device is pretty simple and straightforward to use. Here are the steps outlined for use:

How to use Penomet best male enhancement

How to use Penomet

What you get: Firmer erections, gradual increase in length/girth (results vary)

Cost: Standard price is $127.00

Side effects: Discomfort from overuse

Made from medical-grade materials

Overall Rating: 4/5


9: Male Extra 

Male Extra Supplements best male enhancement

Male Extra Supplements

Male Extra is another popular male enhancement supplement out there. The company also claims these pills help with penis enlargement, and with a 60-day money back guarantee, it’s definitely worth a try!

Among the performance-boosting and enhancing ingredients are L-Arginine, MSM (methyl sulfonyl methane), creatine, cordyceps, and zinc (always zinc!). Their monthly trial price is only $64.95 – making Male Extra a little pricier than the direct competitors – but if the claims are true about an increase in size, then the price is well worth it.

The idea behind this potent supplement is that the ingredients boost blood flow to your penis, causing erections to be fuller and much firmer within a few days of use. The manufacturer even claims that the average growth users can experience is between 0.8-2.6 inches in 3-6 months! This of course will vary for different people.

Male Extra is supposed to be taken 30 minutes prior to participating any sexual act, so it’s not as fast-acting as Prosolution, but not as slow as prescriptions like Viagra. But most importantly it increases and improves your erection by enabling better blood flow, so you can last much longer.

Reviews for this product are mixed, with some people claiming benefits from across the board, while other didn’t notice a significant change in performance, length, or girth. But with the option to get a full refund, and minimal side effects, it’s a male enhancement supplement that may just work for you!

What you get: Better performance, some experienced an increase in length/girth

Cost: $64.95 for a one-month supply

Side effects: No reported side effects

Main ingredients: L-Arginine, MSM, zinc

Overall Rating: 4/5


So What’s Our Best Male Enhancement Pick?

With hundreds of male enhancement products out there, choosing can be a headache, not to mention a drain on your time and money. We hope this list presents a good overview of what’s out there, so you can choose wisely based on your goals.

Our best male enhancement picks fall into two categories:

For Performance Enhancement: Vimax
For Increased Length/Girth: Bathmate

There isn’t an all-in-one best male enhancement solution we’ve found that works for all men. Some products may work for others but not work for you, so it’s best to experiment and start slowly to avoid any issues.

If you’ve had problems getting or maintaining an erection then you may feel that penis enlargement pills definitely result in an increase in size, due to better blood circulation.

Many guys also report better energy and sexual performance when adding these supplements to their daily routines. This may be all you need and those more expensive pumps and extenders won’t be necessary.

Like I said earlier, treat it like going to the gym and don’t overdo any method, exercise, or product.

It takes a little patience, but trust me it’ll pay off down the road when you have more gains than you can handle!


These Statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, and these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Actual product packaging and materials may change and contain more and different information than what we’ve found and listed here. We recommend that you do not rely solely on the information presented and that you always read labels, warnings, and directions before using or consuming a product.