Ironmaster Super Adjustable Weight Bench Review

Ironmaster Super Adjustable Weight Bench Review

When it comes to carrying out serious workouts, one type of equipment that you should have to maximize your training sessions is an adjustable weight bench. This is a device which will increase your weight lifting precision, helping you to target the right muscles groups.

Do you want to buy the best weight bench? One model that you should consider is the Ironmaster Super Adjustable Weight Bench. This weight bench is sturdy and adjustable, which means you can use it to carry out several weight-lifting exercises. This Ironmaster Super Adjustable Weight Bench review looks at its features, pros and cons and gives you a verdict on whether this is a worthy buy.


Optional attachments

The Ironmaster Super Adjustable Weight Bench comes with several optional accessories to make your workouts easier. For instance, it has a chin up bar in addition to dip bar handles.


It comes with an incline seat that follows the backrest pad at any preferred angle. The reason is that it can always stay perpendicular, unlike other models that have a seat with a narrow-angle, making you slide off. Its platform is also ultra-stable, allowing you to move or lift it easily. One point to remember is that the incline seat fits any height of a user.

Quickly adjusts to 11 angles—decline-to-upright

You want a weight bench that’s adjustable, and the Ironmaster Super Adjustable Weight Bench enables you to enjoy full workouts at a decline, flat, or upright angle, allowing you to build more muscle.

Powder coated gray metallic frame

This weight bench is sturdy and durable as result of its powder-coated gray metallic frame. Bear in mind that powder coated weight benches are more durable.

Very comfortable

The Ironmaster Super Adjustable Weight Bench is a handy device; it has a 20″ flat bench height and a 17″ x 41″ footprint, ensuring it’s comfortable to use for workouts.

Cage or rack use

It comes with extra features such as the rack, which helps during heavy lifting and is perfect for saving space. The rack offers you a safety catch to return your weights at the end of the weightlift.

Super heavy-duty 1000-lb. rated

This weight bench can withstand heavy weights, for example, its rated 1.000 lb., which means it can withstand your weight, plus the weight of the instruments or loads you are using for weightlifting.

Ships pre-assembled

You can start using this device within a few minutes because it’s shipped pre-assembled, except its feet.


The Ironmaster Super Adjustable Weight Bench is portable since it weighs 60 lbs., which means it doesn’t need wheels.


  • During this Ironmaster Super Adjustable Weight Bench review, we found it to be ideal if you are searching for a weight bench for heavy lifting. It’s well-made and sturdy, which is perfect if you want long-lasting weight lifting equipment
  • The sit-up attachment is ideal for sit-ups, high-angle octane angles, which ensures you carry out the best muscle exercises. Its adjustment is easy, quick and reliable
  • Another advantage of this weight bench is that its padding is thicker as compared to other models, which come with a thinner padding
  • It’s good value for your money as compared to other brands that wobble after a few uses
  • The Ironmaster Adjustable Weight Bench is one of the most versatile benches we’ve come across.


Some users had issues with its height,  the reason being it’s too high. Also, some said that they couldn’t rest their feet flat on the ground. Another downside is that it’s somehow a bit big to carry, but considering how sturdy is, it’s one area that we will overlook.


The Ironmaster Super Adjustable Weight Bench makers picked the right name as it serves you superbly. It’s easy to use while the accessory system is well thought out; it makes the installing and dismantling easy and quick. The seat is a great innovation when it comes to being adjustable and removable.

If you are searching for the best device to set up in your home gym, consider the Ironmaster Super Adjustable Weight Bench. It takes less space than a home gym model and is very sturdy. It enables you to enjoy convenient workouts from the comfort of your home while cutting down on gym fees.