How To Detox From Weed – The Best THC Detox Kits Reviewed

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Even if you’re the world’s most responsible recreational marijuana user, there comes a time you’ll have to flush it out of your system or mask the traces of it.

When is that time? It’s if you’re about to be employed by a company that gives drug tests to potential and current employees.


Some 40% of companies in the United States require a drug test from their employees before they’re onboard. This causes friction in four states (Washington, Oregon, Colorado, and Alaska) and Washington DC where recreational marijuana is legal.

You should pretty much expect a drug test until the four states and DC can come up with a uniform standard on workplace drug testing.


Different Types of Drug Tests


A urine drug test is the most prevalent, but a saliva drug test is quickly gaining popularity. Drugs can be tested through urine, saliva, blood, sweat, and hair.

Companies prefer urine and saliva drug tests because they’re less invasive, relatively inexpensive to run, and results come back fast. From your perspective though, they’re also the easiest to manipulate in order to receive a negative result. For one thing, marijuana doesn’t leave any trace in your saliva after 12-24 hours since last use.

A blood drug test is often the most comprehensive and possibly the hardest to fake. After all, it’s hard to flush out something in your bloodstream at the last minute. But due to its highly invasive nature, it’s not given as often as urine or saliva drug test.

A hair drug test is not unheard of, but it’s not really effective in detecting the most current drug use. On the contrary, it can go back to 90 days and your marijuana use during that time will most certainly show up. This is the type you’d want to avoid the most (if you had a choice in the matter) if you’re a chronic marijuana user.

Knowing what drug test your potential employee gives will arm you with a better knowledge of how to pass it.


Passing Your Drug Test

Depending on the type of your drug test, there are different methods that can help you pass it. None are guaranteed. The only method that absolutely guarantees you’ll get a negative result is to not smoke marijuana for days or weeks leading up to your test. Even that doesn’t mean you’ll pass 100%, but there’s a clear chance.

Besides quitting altogether, many people resort to home remedies or commercial detox/cleansing kits. Reviews and effectiveness of each varies. People report highly individual and variable success levels, depending on their weight, body fat, how fast their metabolism is, how often and how much they smoke.

Home remedies for passing a urine drug test include drinking a lot of fluids, exercising rigorously, and using aspirin.

Home remedies for passing a saliva drug test, whether it’s spitting or a mouth swab, include chewing ice, gum, mints, or rinsing your mouth with hydrogen peroxide.

For commercial remedies, people report high levels of success on certain brands. Drug test kits from THC Detox and THC Clear will be reviewed below.

Whatever you decide to try, you don’t want to be caught by surprise on the day of your drug test. Test these kits beforehand and run a home drug test (you can pick one up easily from Walgreens or other drug stores) to see if you test negative.


Most Popular Drug Test Kits Reviewed

THC Detox

THC Detox ( has become somewhat of an authority in the detoxing sphere. They have a line of highly reviewed detox products for urine and saliva tests. Their products on hair tests aren’t reviewed as favorably. That may be due to the difficult nature of actually passing a hair test.

mj04_fast_thcdetoxOne of their highest reviewed marijuana detox kit is Fast THC Marijuana Detox Kit (Extra Strong). This kit is designed to mask the traces of marijuana in your system in the event of a urine drug test.

The convenience of this kit over a home remedy is that you can just use it on the day of your urine drug test. Instructions are clear. Best of all, it doesn’t include any ingredients that test technicians now routinely look for, such as goldenseal or niacin. It’s priced reasonably at $59.99, a small price for passing a drug test and being gainfully employed.

There’s a regular version of the same product (instead of extra strong) that doesn’t have as many good reviews, so if you were interested in this detox kit, you’d be better off going with the extra strong version.

mj04_quick_tabsQuick Tabs – Emergency Flush Detox Tablets is another detox pills for a urine drug test that has high reviews. The tablets work within 1 hour and stay effective up to 4 hours, which makes them handy for sudden, unannounced drug tests. They’re convenient to use on the day of your urine drug test, but the key to making these pills effective is adequate hydration.

The more you weigh (over 180 pounds), the more water you need to drink to see the effect of these detox pills. The main ingredients are dandelion, milk thistle, creatine, and alfafa leaf. At $20.99, it’s a reasonable price to keep around in case you need to take a urine drug test on a short notice.

Besides kits to pass a urine drug test, THC Detox also offers kits for a saliva drug test. A cleansing mouthwash is often recommended to mask the traces of marijuana in your saliva; THC Detox indeed has a couple of mouthwashes.

The main one is Ultra Wash Toxin-cleansing Mouthwash. A saliva drug test is the easiest to pass anyway, but adding this mouthwash to your arsenal will pretty much guarantee your negative result. It’s been highly reviewed by the users.

You just have to rinse your mouth with this mouthwash 10 minutes prior to your drug test. You’re also required to not smoke for 48-72 hours for the maximum desired result. THC Detox is so confident in this product that they offer a 500% money back guarantee!

Their other mouthwash, Detoxifying Mouthwash by Stinger, has less than favorable reviews – there was a reported failure. Your choice is clear – go with Ultra Wash, because it at least has a money back guarantee and better reviews.

Hair analysis is the hardest to fool (next to a blood drug test, that is), but THC Detox has solutions for that too. ZYDOT Ultra Clean Shampoo and Conditioner has good reviews and is reasonably priced at $35.99.

The tricky thing about a hair drug test is that you had to have not smoked, not even a puff, within the past 90 days. But the results are highly variable, because for some people, THC doesn’t bind to their hair follicles.

Either way, a hair drug test is rare but in case you come across it, ZYDOT shampoo and conditioner combo is worth a try. Its formula has 3 components – shampoo to remove external barriers and expose the inner hair, purifier to penetrate into your hair shaft and remove impurities, and conditioner to improve manageability. You only use it on the day you want your hair to be clean.

THC Clear

mj04_pcleanTHC Clear ( is an authority site that specializes in information on marijuana, including detox kits, laws, and motivation behind why people smoke. They don’t sell products directly, but provide recommendations on what they find effective.

Their highest reviewed detox pills are P Clean Detox Capsules. They’re an herbal detox kit and touted as THC Clear’s “go to” cleanse system. However, this product has mixed reviews on



The best way to make sure no drug test picks up any traces of marijuana in your system is to not smoke it. Even if you’re getting a bit of “help” with some of the pills and kits listed above, they all specify that you stay clean for at least a couple days in order for them to work.

But just quitting is not a feasible solution in many cases. It might be Monday and you find out your drug test is on Wednesday. In that situation, finding extra help in detox kits is definitely worth a shot.

Do remember that detox kits only mask the traces marijuana, not flush it out of your system. That requires more comprehensive cleansing regimen and actually quitting smoking.

Only the less controversial methods of passing your drug test have been discussed here. There are other ways to “trick” your drug tests, but they can be unscrupulous. This is more common for a urine drug test (like using synthetic urine, someone else’s urine, diluting the urine sample itself with bleach, etc.), since a saliva drug test is relatively easy to pass and doesn’t require doing anything unsavory. Besides, adding other substances to a urine sample will be a surefire way of getting it thrown out, since testers know what they’re looking for.

Rather than using such underhanded methods, invest a few bucks in a home drug test kit mentioned above. You’ll increase your chance of passing your drug test and getting your dream job.