Day 15 – Testing Crazy Bulk Product!

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(Updated September 2016)

Hi Guys,

This post is kind an update of what’s is happening with me during fat burning journey using Crazy Bulk products.
It’s only two weeks after I started but there are huge results to show.
Please have a look at photos and statistics.


Stats of day 15:

116.05.201469,5 / 153 KG/LBS~18%89cm
15 - Current30.05.201466,5 / 145 KG/LBS~14%87cm


15 day testing crazy mass
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Crazy Bulk Review

These supplements are really helpful, they give me a lot of energy which I need after reducing fruits and other carbs. I am trying to eat at least 5-6 smaller meals per day, as well as I stay away of carbohydrates one or two meals before sleep (depends on when I made workout). I don’t feel any side effects apart of problems with falling a sleep after taking a pill late evening. So plan to take all 3 pills before 6pm :).


Please guys if you would like to get more information about CM products such as side effects, how they work or other people results, click on button below.

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Still do calisthenics exercises for about 45 – 90 minutes per day but I am planning to add barbells soon.

Thanks for be with me. Talk to you in one or two weeks!


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