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(Updated September 2016)

Hi Guys,

What’s going on? It’s Chris again!

So here we are at Day 30 of my fat burning journey with crazy bulk supplements. I must say that it was very tough to get where I am today. Really really huge help from supplements I used which was

crazybulk clenn and trenbalone. Last one I didn’t really use that often only once per day. Maybe that’s why I didn’t gain a lot of muscle mass.
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Stats of day 30:

116.05.201469,5 / 153 KG/LBS~18%89cm
1530.05.201466,5 / 145 KG/LBS~14%87cm
30 - Current16.06.201464,6 /141 KG/LBS~11-12%83cm


30 day testing crazy bulk results
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Crazy Bulk Results

As you can see from this and previous photos there is a huge progress. I burned about 6% of body fat and lost about 5 kilos of fat. Have a look at before and after photo.

Before and After Photos

before and after crazy bulk


Was based on calisthenic and a bit of weight lifting. You can not forget about cardio, which I was trying to do twice per day for about 25 minutes each session or 1 hour once. It was based on stationery cycling but I also walked fast for one hour and walked up/down the stairs (ohh.. this was really tough), I was running but only from time to time and no more than 25 minutes.


What now?

Hymm… I think I will continue this kind of life style for one more month. Will use the rest pills of CLENBUTROL and TRENBOLONE which a bought in buy 2 get one free option, then probably buy one more box of Crazy Bulk dianobal just to put more lean muscle.

I will keep you informed.


Thanks for following my journey, I hope now you are more convince about crazy bulk products. Click button below if you would like to learn more.

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Wish you success!

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