Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench Review

Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench Review

There are many who are in the market for an efficient weight machine, and the Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench can help you reach your fitness goals. It’s an extremely versatile device, which already sets it apart from a good number of other devices on the market today in the same category; you can have an easier time getting all of your exercise with something like this.

The Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench will allow you to perform exercises that are difficult to do on other weight benches. It’s a device you can regularly use to get the results you want. Many people will benefit from using the Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench.


  • Safety hooks
  • No-pinch design
  • Multiple positions, including flat, military, multiple decline, and incline
  • 76” x 56” x 55”
  • Ab crunch with foam-grip handle attachment
  • Olympic plate adapter
  • Spring clip for leg developer
  • Arm curl bar
  • Preacher curl pad
  • Compatible with weight set bars measuring 6’-7’
  • 5 lbs.


  • This is one of the most versatile machines that you can find anywhere, since it offers so many different exercise positions
  • The enhanced safety features will prevent a wide range of different accidents related to exercise, preventing you from hurting yourself or from losing exercise time due to minor injuries
  • Those who are trying to train their entire bodies will be able to tone many different muscle groups thanks to all of the different attachments and features available with this machine
  • The product is wonderfully sturdy and you won’t have to worry about it wobbling too much when trying to use it for the first time or at any other point
  • Most users should find that this is a comfortable machine to use. The padding is thick enough without having the feel of something that is upholstered
  • Tall people often have a hard time finding weight benches that are going to work for them effectively, but this one should do the trick
  • Using the military position is often hard on most machines past a certain point, and this weight bench allows you to go to 90° for military position, making it very effective for that purpose
  • Most people will find the Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench easy to put together
  • People with different training levels will be able to benefit from the Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench, whether they’re bodybuilders or those who are just looking for a little extra muscle tone
  • Those who are trying to raise their fitness levels and who are interested in being able to progressively become more athletic using this machine will be able to do so, since it does have some leveling involved


  • This product is very heavy in general, which will make it harder to move
  • People who are shorter might have a harder time using this weight bench compared to taller people
  • It is not possible to do squats using this machine, which might be a problem for some users in spite of the machine’s overall versatility
  • The bench does not come with a bar, and a lot of people might want to supply their own
  • You may want to use your own tools for the assembly process, since this is a product that comes with tools that some might find sub-standard. This might be a problem for those who don’t have a lot of their own tools


The Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench might not perfectly meet everyone’s expectations, but it is a very solid device overall. Most people should be able to get a lot out of something that is this versatile, this stable, and this effective.

The Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench will last a long time, and you should be able to use it for most of your weight training needs, making it that much easier to get into shape or get healthier.