The Best Type of Weight Benches to Help Achieve Your Fitness Goals

The Best Type of Weight Benches to Help Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Whether it is summer season or not, many people are becoming more conscious of their body figures. Some enroll in fitness classes and dance instructions, while others prefer to do their exercises at home.

It is always better to have the proper equipment at home for your convenience. If budget is not a big deal to you, then you should invest in one of the most important pieces of gym equipment—the weight bench.

A weight bench is great for doing a variety of routines with dumbbells, as well as exercises for any part of the body. With this in your home gym, you could follow a well-rounded program and achieve the body you always wanted.

On the other hand, there are many brands and models from which to choose. So, in order to find the best weight bench types for your indoor gym, you need to understand the different uses of each. Do you want to know how many weight bench types are there? Continue reading below.

Different types of weight benches

Flat bench

Flat benches are perhaps the most frequent type of weight bench that you will see on the market; maybe it’s because they have a simple or basic design. They are horizontal in construction and do not have any attachments; they are used for expanding the chest.

Aside from this, people can also use it for toning their triceps and shoulders. One of the best things about flat benches is that they are comparatively less expensive than the others. So if you are just starting out with your fitness journey, this is the best weight bench type for beginners that you should buy.

Adjustable weight bench

Like the name suggests, an adjustable weight bench is more versatile or flexible than the flat bench. It has a back pad that you can adjust to make it lie flat or decline to different angles, accommodating your fitness needs. You can do more exercises such as a full military bench press. Or you can even work on your abs by doing two or three sets of ab crunches.

Olympic weight bench

If you are looking for a weight bench for athletes or experienced gym enthusiasts, try an Olympic weight bench. This looks wider and longer than the other types, and they usually have several attachments included.

Some manufacturers add a squat rack, weight plates, rod, as well as dumbbells to the whole package to complement your daily exercise routine. With this gym equipment, you can challenge yourself more into doing advanced quad exercises or lift a seven-foot bar.

Abdominal bench or abdominal boards

Another basic type of bench aside from flat benches is the abdominal boards. Designed to help you tone your six-pack abs, this weight bench can be inclined to different angles to increase the level of difficulty for you to obtain the best results.

It is not as sturdy as the Olympic bench; therefore, it is not advisable to lift free weights while lying on it to prevent accidents. The exercises you can do with this gym equipment are ab specific such as crunches and sit-ups.

Multipurpose benches

You guessed it right, a multipurpose bench is the most well-rounded weight bench. It can transform into a variety of positions according to your needs. However, this is what makes it the most expensive, especially if you are looking for something that is durable.

Your money will be worth it if you are going to use all its function. You can use it in a flat position or in a military degree position. You can even incline or decline it to different angles. To add versatility to this bench, other people use accessories such as a lat tower and bar dip handles. This way, you only need a small space in your home to do your daily routine.


Now that you know the variety of weight benches available, it should be easier to decide what you should buy. Just make sure to read online reviews from trusted sites, before you make a purchase, so you can get a quality and reliable weight bench for your home.