Men’s Health and Fitness

We all know it is important to be healthy and physically fit. When a man’s body is healthy and physically fit, the body system can resist many infections. There are various ways a man can enhance fitness. Gym workouts, martial arts, and self defence classes are some activities that boost men’s health.
Physical activities will improve the quality of your sleep, boost blood circulation, promote cardiac health, and help you reduce body fat while increasing muscle mass.

How Can Men be Healthy?

It is rare to find a man who visits a doctor for a regular checkup; they wait until they fall sick. Nonetheless, a man can boost his immunity in the following ways:

  1. Take a balanced diet with minimal salt, cholesterol, and fats. Take larger portions of vegetables and fruits. Consume the calories you are sure to burn out in a day.
  2. Ensure you engage yourself in at least 30 minutes of physical activity daily. It may be as simple as a walk or as complex as a gym session.
  3. Purpose to shed excess body weight. Check your BMI and structure a suitable weight loss program.
  4. Reduce alcohol consumption. Alcohol has high levels of cholesterol, and it will convert into body fats. Do away with tobacco and other kinds of vaping and smoking products. They will reduce your heart rate and sometimes cause cancer.
  5. Practice stress management. When you have a relaxed mind, you will focus on your health.
  6. Enrol in a martial arts or self-defence classes. You will achieve your daily physical activity time while learning a new skill. Your mind will also learn to relax and focus.

What are Men’s Health Issues?

As I said earlier, men pay less attention to their bodies compared to their female counterparts. That is why men succumb to some ailments that women beat at earlier stages.
A lot of men’s health campaigns are bearing fruits since the self negligence gap is closing. Here are some of the top health risks that men face.

  1. Heart Diseases
    Heart disease and stroke are the major health risks men face. They are lifestyle ailments. A change in diet and physical exercise can reduce cardiovascular cases by a significant percentage.
  2. Prostate Cancer
    It is no brainer; prostate cancer is a men’s only ailment. The problem develops as men age. Regular screening can help arrest cancer at early stages and get the necessary treatment.
  3. Depression
    All genders are prone to depression. However, the depression rate in men is higher than in women. You can reduce depression by engaging in more physical activities like boxing, weight lifting, martial arts, among others.
  4. Diabetes
    Diabetes is largely a lifestyle disease. Over 70% of diabetes cases develop after leading an unhealthy lifestyle. Avoid this by eating a healthy diet and ensure you exercise regularly.
  5. Erectile Dysfunction
    Although it is not a life-threatening condition, erectile dysfunction affects men as young as 40 years. The causes of erectile dysfunctions are the same causes of heart disease and depression. In unfortunate cases, a man will suffer several ailments simultaneously.

Importance of Men’s Health

It is common knowledge that men will take care of the whole family and forget about their health. They will also delay regular checkups. However, studies show that a majority of men contract life-threatening conditions. You can address the situation by regular checkups, physical fitness, and a healthy lifestyle.

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